Why is actor based reality utilized?

Actor based reality (ABR) is a term coined by dallasgoldbug (website wellaware1.com). In short it refers to how many leading celebrities, politicians and royalty figures are played by (scripted) actors – and thus are not ‘natural persons’ in themselves. Maybe surprisingly, for a few historical reasons, ABR doesn’t appear to be a practice which is presently illegal or criminal – though it should be and is often far from ethical and/or honest. ABR characters often involve themselves in criminal acts.

The underlying concept is a bit like the use of a limited company, in that a fake/hoax character can’t (in theory) be held criminally responsible. I dispute this consider the underlying actor should be held fully responsible.

The main advantages which ABR can provide to some party or other are the following:

  • The celebrity/politician name/character itself can be legally owned and thus a corporate is not at the mercy of say an artist who decides not to continue working any longer (i.e. the legal owner of the character can find a new similar enough looking actor/actress to continue playing the celebrity/politician character.
  • The ‘politician’ can thus be a completely scripted/owned puppet given their lines/actions by the owner of the ‘politician name/character’. This means that a hidden power can completely control the politician’s every word and action – given any actor/actress hired to play the politician will be under contract to perform exactly as stated and can be replaced immediately (and sued) if they breech the contractual terms in any way (including them acting and saying things which are not officially scripted).
  • The working ‘life time’ of any public figure can be extended by several decades more, compared to a natural person, because a new actor/actress can be hired at any time to play the role.
  • A ‘character’ can be killed off at any time in a ‘supposed/staged’ accident (no actual death need occur). Dallasgoldbug refers to this as ‘legend making’ and explains that such a practice can be especially lucrative.
  • As part of ABR contract terms, dallasgoldbug states that an actor/actress is typically barred from playing the character outside of any terms agreed. For example if an actor/actresses contract is terminated, no matter how much they might naturally look and sound like the character they were formally contracted to play – they are not permitted to pass themselves off in any way as the former legally owned character (and can be sued if they do).
  • ABR characters produce cognitive dissonance in those watching/listening to them – which itself causes a person to be highly hypnotizable. ABR characters produce cognitive dissonance because an audience member’s subconscious is likely able to see through any acting skills/makeup/latex masks just enough to be ‘reminded’ at some level that the ABR character bears an uncanny resemblance to another ABR character (played by the same actor) or even the actor as themselves in ‘real life’.
  • Yet in contrast, the conscious mind of the person remains fooled – hence cognitive dissonance is produced (i.e. an unresolvable tension between the conscious and the deeper sub/unconscious mind). The hypnotizing power of a celebrity or politician is valuable to the elites (i.e. in terms of celebrities and personalities being able to impart a message or perspective to the population). Hypnotized people (and/or likely those in a state of cognitive dissonance) are thus far easier to control and manipulate.
  • The common folk are particularly attracted and fascinated by those who are skilled liars and cheats. Maybe because there is something elusive about ABR characters which the common folk just can’t quite workout and fathom, i.e. some factor which is more intriguing than a common ‘good honest man or woman’. Maybe it is the sheer chutzpah involved (of the actor/actress and the whole concept) which is so captivating for the common folk.
  • ABR enables the real elites, above the controllers, to remain completely hidden and beyond the reach of the common folk. If everything ‘goes south’, so to speak, and turns to disaster, all the common folk will be left with (to hold responsible) are completely powerless actors/actresses who never make/made any decisions more important than what type of biscuits to have with the afternoon tea. And even then, the highly skilled actors and actresses playing the ABR characters are usually dressing up for the role and using a whole range of props so as to modify their appearance. If you happened to see the same biological person in everyday life, presumably you’d be unlikely to recognize them.
  • Yet another advantage which the employment of ABR provides for the elites, is that actors are more able to present the elite’s policies and obtain consent for them from the public. For example, in contrast, a working man or woman who is deeply involved in their work, (say at a very high level in government administration) and carrying it out with a sense of personal responsibility and integrity might not be a good speaker and/or presenter and might even shun public exposure. And so they might be quite poor at appearing on TV, looking good and speaking confidently along with all the requisite hand gestures, etc.

    On the other hand, presenting a polished image (if that is what a certain character requires) and speaking confidently and in a persuasive way is precisely what actors and actresses are good at. The very essence of being a great actor or actress is being able to get the audience to suspend their normal reality and enter into the world of the actor’s character. You might have heard of the ‘quip’ which goes along the lines of, ‘good looking actors and actresses end up at Hollywood, while the less good looking ones end up in politics’.

Joe Atwill has formulated a similar though not identical concept, called the lifetime actor/actress. This is where an actor/actress plays a fictional character for many years – even their whole life (though to the public the fake character will seem very real and true). Lifetime actors/actresses offer similar advantages to the above listed ABR ones, though their unique advantage is that the character they play might last 30, 40 or more years – even from childhood to old age.