A summary – what more to say?

Note: If you haven’t yet taken sight of the images identifying the ‘lifetime actor’/ABR character almost certainly played by my former supposedly ‘dead brother’ Russell Kelly then please see this ‘ID comparison image’ (opens new tab/window)(backup image links).

Click here for the same image as above, but with two extra AI ‘head pose’ adjusted images added (these really help identification of my ‘dead brother’, in that it’s clear it’s the same individual both at a facial appearance level (and behind the face).

In addition to below, further discussion about the image (and other evidential factors) can be found on the pages: Key points: What did the crime involve? What was it done for? How was the crime carried out? and the page ‘Death’ of Russell Kelly (1983), an astonishing crime against Simona-Jasmine. And too on the pages: Further analysis and links and About Simona Jasmine.

Please do also see the further analysis page, as among other things it covers the wordplay used in the new name of the ABR character played by my former ‘dead brother’. Clever wordplay is a ‘calling card’ of certain elites. It also covers several other significant factors in terms of supporting the correct ID’ing the character I believe my former brother to be playing.

If what I’ve described and provided evidence for on this site is correct, what has been perpetuated upon me would be a despicable crime of astonishing magnitude. Given the significant amount of evidence provided, I consider the working hypothesis is well supported – if not close to ‘good as proven’.

Why would someone (or group) carry out such a plan? What would be worth taking such a risk for?

My best guess is that some in the family and wider circle, (probably many decades ago) came to hear/know the date for the ‘end of this age’, i.e. when the US dollar and western financial/market system is scheduled for collapse. Which appears to be ‘fairly soon’. Just like some I was acquainted with at the time, undoubtedly knew the date of 9/11 in advance.

Most likely, those privy to the ‘end of the age’ date, skillfully managed to combine their personal goals, with official security service matters – specifically a training/drill, which likely took place at Postlip Hall on the night of 23rd October 1983. [See here for how out of 150+ guests at the party, I was the only attendee drugged into a state of unconsciousness within approx 15 minutes of arriving.]

It was decided to appoint my younger brother to take the ‘family genes’ and off-book family wealth (after its ‘multiplication’ in the present age), forward into the ‘new age’ (post dollar collapse).

However, I was needed as a ‘sacrifice’ towards the same end. The main issue being I was/am probably the rightful heir under rules of primogeniture specified in various centuries old deeds and trusts which govern how significant amounts of property and land are to be dealt with (and passed on).

In addition I detect an element of Jewish fanaticism in the family – and that in line with ancient Canaanite tradition, the first born son (i.e. the son who most embodies the original ‘chaos’ of the universe) was sacrificed to Moloch – so as to ensure success for the second born son’s life-mission.

However, as mentioned elsewhere, by a miracle of destiny, I now have a reissued birth certificate, which retrospectively and legally, makes me a girl at birth. It’s most surely this fact, for which my whole family has striven to keep my transition a (total) secret (i.e. me now being legally a girl at birth, rather than a boy, somehow alters the ‘legality’ of what has perpetuated upon me for decades). In this case I mean legality in terms of some other law – such as Jewish law. Further, in terms of Jewish law and doctrine, it would seem my transsexual status makes me closer to God (as in, before he was separated into Adam and Eve, Adam was originally comprised of both male and female).

It’s taken decades to find the courage and strength to trust my mind’s feelings and intuition enough to publish what I consider unfolded on the night of ‘the accident’ (as detailed on this page). In effect I’m ‘betting’ my ability to Reason, my sense of emotional intuition and ultimately, what is sane – particularly in respect to identifying and naming which lifetime actor/ABR character I evidence my ‘dead brother’ is playing. Part of the ‘evil genius’ of what was most surely perpetuated upon me is that to a (non-insider), the reality of what took place just sounds so crazy and fantastical.

[Though likewise, for most, isn’t the same true (i.e. crazy and fantastical) as regards the controlled demolition of The Twin Towers – despite incontrovertible evidence being easily accessible and available for over twenty years?]

From the outset, it was always going to be a nigh impossible uphill battle given how the ‘official narrative’ of ‘the accident’ left me ‘tied up in knots’ (especially considering the sheer number of teenagers of similar age in close relationship to me, who were misrepresenting, lying and gaslighting in a seemingly highly organized and ‘choreographed’ manner).

[Please see ‘footnote 1’ (click here), for an interesting take on why and how so many local teenagers might have been willing to behave in such a manner.]

Ascertaining that the guy now married to ‘the girl at the restaurant‘ is the ‘spitting image’ of my brother in terms of underlying facial bone structure, proportions and position of key facial landmarks, is just – WOW!!!

I’ve come to realize the sheer amount stolen from me – psychologically, emotionally, energy/time wise – and financial. Obviously such a plan wasn’t hatched and carried out for trivial amounts. And there’s been a lot of people to ‘pay off’ on the way. It’s now obvious to me, the family and associates are very unlikely to ever even, partially restore what is (most surely) my birthright, plus due in compensation for the astonishing criminality and conspiracy to injure and harm in so many ways – over so many decades.

Being rather innocent and naive by nature – for years I’ve been presuming others’ sense of goodness and decency will reveal itself at some point – due to them being swayed by reasoning and the type of principles embodied in the Silver and Golden Rules.

But after repeated reasoned appeals have fallen on deaf ears, I’ve come to terms that the family (and connected/involved associates) are obviously going to continue their criminality and gaslighting, thieving, etc.

However, bottom line, even ‘the stupid’ know that when found-out (and exposed) – the best strategy by far is to find courage and fortitude – come clean – and make-up for wrongs done. Decency and redeeming of oneself isn’t rocket science.

This is a bullet-point summary of the foul and monstrous criminal conspiracy I’ve been placed at the center of. It’s included me being:

  • Drugged into a state of unconsciousness.
  • Placed in a car scripted to be involved in a serious crash and which supposedly ran into a group of pedestrians (claimed to include my brother).
  • Possibly an aim which failed, was to kill me – as a result of being propelled through the car windscreen at high speed, i.e. at close to 100 km/h. I probably only survived because the girl put the seat belt round me at the last second, after a group discussion.
  • I was tricked/duped into desperately trying to bring my brother back to life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart pumps. However it was almost certainly an extremely realistic plastic dummy utilized to fool/trick me amidst a very serious crash situation, in the dead of night and after being drugged.
  • Many times over the subsequent years I’ve been accused and/or told that it was me that killed my brother – while all along the persons knew full well he’d just been relocated and was living as a new character.
  • For the few years post ‘the accident’, I was surrounded by many tens of others of similar age who most surely had insight into what really took place (i.e. I was subject to extreme levels of highly organized and orchestrated lying, gaslighting, manipulation and trickery). (See here for consideration about how this was achieved.)
  • For 39 years (since 1983) I’ve been subjected to a whole range of psychologically and emotionally vicious tactics and behaviors for the aim of both duping me and covering up what really took place, i.e. that the accident was a staged hoax and my brother was simply relocated to live as a lifetime actor/ABR character with a surname (esoterically) supposedly meaning ‘The Winning Son’.
  • Thus I’ve been subject to a wicked and deeply thought out crime involving a massive theft and embezzlement of my birthright. Working out the crime and finding the courage to publish about it has taken a lifetime.

The evidence presented on this site is comprised of a mix of direct, circumstantial and forensic (i.e. biometric) evidence. Below is a list of the most significant evidence & corroborating factors (each point is discussed in detail on the site, along with additional ‘secondary’ evidence).

The evidence presented on this site is comprised of a mix of direct, circumstantial and forensic (i.e. biometric) evidence. Below is a list of the most significant evidence & corroborating factors (each point is discussed in more detail on the site, along with additional ‘secondary’ evidences).

  1. The photographic/biometric match between my brother and the hypothesized ABR character Dominic Lewinsohn (see below and here for larger version).
  2. The remarkable and presumably contrived incident of twenty years ago wherein a very close relation of my ‘dead brother’ who resides in the UK (accidentally) ‘bumped’ into Dominic Lewinsohn 5000 miles away from home, when on holiday, staying with my uncle Martin in Houston, US (see here for details). I posit my uncle, Martin Bradley was the main ‘family support’ for my ‘dead brother’ after he was initially relocated there post accident and began living as a new character. He also attended college in Houston.
  3. The ‘girl at the restaurant‘ (see here) is married to a person who biometrically/photographically matches my dead brother near 100%.
  4. The extended family’s (multi-generational) business (at least down to my grandparents) was centered around actor based reality (ABR). That the crime in large part is also based on an ABR scam is therefore just an extension of what was, the existing family business. (See here for all posts about ABR)
  5. Beginning at the age of approx 8-9 years of age, I was subject to repeated threats about being removed from family wills (i.e. matters to do with inheritance and myself were of significant concern for many adults who surrounded me, even at such a young age). The criminality of involving me in the staging of the accident and duping me in regard to my dead brother’s relocation and new character was likewise also to do with matters of inheritance and wealth.
  6. I was the only individual at the party of 150+ attendees who was drugged into a comatose state. I was subsequently drugged again into a comatose state (by the family) a few hours later, after giving my statement to the police – for no reason whatsoever.
  7. The surname of the ABR character I hypothesize is played by my ‘dead brother’ is Lewinsohn, i.e. ‘Le Win Sohn’ (The Win Son) aka The Winning Son (see here). Thus his surname has direct relevance to the ‘the whole’ and other evidence.
  8. In the only family portrait (taken not too long before my brother’s ‘death’), the family representative’s hand is symbolically and ‘decisively’ placed on my brother’s shoulder (they are both standing proud smiling), while I was positioned further down, almost crouching, near the ground, despite being the eldest son at the time. The pose/gesture by the ‘family representative’ appears to be deliberate and announcing my brother as the chosen family heir (and with me in his shade).
  9. A week or two before my brother’s supposed death, for no reason whatsoever, he punched me in the head – leaving me in a state of concussion for the remainder of the day. Such aggression and violence had never happened previously (and it was unprovoked). Given my brother and mother were very close, it can be postulated he was feeling angry and upset about his forthcoming relocation – and in particular that I was going to be still living with our mother for a few more years.
  10. The complete overlooking of inserting the legal identification of my dead brother’s body into the ‘storyboard’, in the day or two after the accident. I wasn’t left alone for a few days and so ‘my family’ couldn’t have gone anywhere (together at least). Plus neither at the time nor in the last 39 years, has there ever been any mention/talk about going to ID my brother’s body in the morgue and the associated experience.
  11. I never (ever) witnessed ‘my family’ experiencing the (expected) grief of losing a favorite and beloved child to death in a meaningless accident – not at the time or since.
  12. The gravel road the car sped along at high speed is relatively straight, so the five pedestrians reputedly hit by the car would have had quite significant time to see and hear the car approaching. Therefore there is no explanation as to why they would have remained standing in the middle of the road (and in the cars path). The group of five included three girls who were reasonably sensible by nature and thus they would not have been drunk and/or overly intoxicated and could have been expected to shepherd the two teen boys to the side (out of the direct path of the car).

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to characterize what I’ve been subjected to for decades as psychological and emotional abuse/torture of a most despicable and wicked type. A massive criminal conspiracy which is still being engaged in by many, to injure and defraud me.

Given what’s taken place post ‘the accident’, it’s never made sense that I was ‘kept around’. Given the high risk nature of the plan – it would have been so much simpler if I’d been killed off. Then both sons were killed off in the accident – me for real but my brother relocated to live as another identity. The whole problem re the issue of rules of primogeniture (as likely specified in centuries old family trust deeds) is then solved.

Regardless, I absolutely expect things to be put right and made good on an immediate basis. I give notice that I demand a full accounting of both, what has taken place (in detail) – together with a full audit of all assets involved.

Filled with arrogance, ego , hubris and greed at getting away with the crime for so long you have lost your minds.

Any psychologist worth their salt knows these kind of games (‘games people play’) typically escalate to the point where someone loses their life. And given this site’s public – such a warning is thus on record.

It goes without saying that my family’s wellbeing is incredibly important to me (priceless). Regardless of the criminality perpetuated against me, I pray they are able to live out their lives in safety, security and comfort (and the same for all others involved). Maybe ‘more fool me’, but I still hold the deepest care and love for them (at least the parts of them which still show integrity).

If anyone loses their life over this and/or matters outstanding aren’t settled justly, it’s a sure thing everything ‘the plan’ has been carried out for, will be lost.

May Reason, reasonableness, justice and decency prevail.

And the supreme God/source, and the demiurge – both be with me.

Simona Jasmine
October 22nd 2022

Click image for larger version
Outermost images are AI ‘head pose’ adjusted inc. simulated hairline to better match images of Russell Kelly aged 14/15

Larger files/images of the above two pics can be found here and here respectively (both will open in new tab/window)

[To note, it seems most likely it was a ‘placed’, highly realistic plastic dummy which I mistook for my brother’s dying body. Plus this explains why no identification of the body took place after the accident by ‘my family’ – which is a whole administrative procedure missing in time. I so hope the teenager left a paraplegic was also staged and acted. So many in on the criminal conspiracy to defraud and injure me. Incredible.]

[Re some in the family knowing the date of the fall of the US dollar. What’s really being referenced is certain members of the family being committed ‘card-carrying’ communists. Ultimately (force imposed) communism as presently conceived and about to be implemented can be characterized as a deep-level conspiracy (enacted by a group of psychopaths) to take ‘ownership’ of every last piece of property from earth’s population (aka steal absolutly everything, even down to the clothes on people’s backs). I believe it’s accurate to state that at least originally, communism is a left-side Jewish ideology and program. And the family is of a Jewish bloodline. So it fits.]

[To clarify, all my comments above are strictly only in reference to the two pages here and here.]

Footnote 1

Over recent years, I’ve come to posit that many of the teenagers around me were being blackmailed, probably over a whole variety of different things. For instance, this one girl I hung out with occasionally, was a real ‘prick teaser’. She was real pretty – had a top models face and body (she worked as a model part time). A prick teaser not in a rational way – but in a contrived way. Like she would ‘prick tease’ at an incredibly intense level for a whole night together (maybe three or four hours) – raising desire to a fever pitch before suddenly and unexpectedly stopping and going stone cold. But despite engaging in such provocation she never went any further. And it always took place in this one very small, quite darkly lit room. I was cool with it – never phased me! Obviously was her choice and right. However, there came a time when her dad was (reputedly) charged with copying and selling blue movies from the home – and the whole family left the village in a hurry and disgrace. However, my intuitive sense is that what had actually been going on, was the filming of teenagers with this girl, in the room. And I bet more than a few of them ‘broke’ and seriously coerced her into more – if not outright forced themselves onto her. Most young guys, filled with testosterone together with lacking experience handling such powerful desire and emotion – can only take so much before snapping. So I think what was going on – and how and why so many fellow village/small town teenagers were roped into gaslighting and duping me – was that organized (dark) security service blackmail operations were going on against most of the teenagers in the village and nearby town.