Altering nose & ears, clear skin & 2D makeup illusions

Before examining physical methods of altering facial ‘look’, we should acknowledge that skilled actors are able to affect a change to the ‘look’ of their being via psychological/spiritual/emotional means. A skilled actor is able to ’empty’ themselves of their everyday being – and replace it with a sense of actually being the character they’re playing. Such an ability produces a kind of ‘aura’ which most viewers will perceive as a subtle but convincing physical change. The camera too, is able to capture the subtle change of physical look the altered aura produces.

This page will look at various technologies used for altering the face for images and videos. Dallasgoldbug points out that we’re discussing altering the face in 2D images and videos – not in real life (i.e. photographic images and film/video are always 2D images made to look like 3D images using a whole variety of techniques which ‘trick’ the viewer’s mind). This is an extremely important distinction because what is possible in 2D images/videos might not be possible in real life. However, ABR actors are trained with respect to 2D images and film given ABR has achieved its influence through TV and film.

  1. Silicon nose prosthetic
  2. Ear fold alteration
  3. Beyond Flawless Second Skin
  4. Make-up for 2D images/video

Silicon nose prosthetic

This very beautiful looking girl shows something quite remarkable. Before you start the video check the video cover image top left as there is a before and after image shown.

The girl has a naturally very dinky ski slope nose, which can be seen at the beginning/intro of the vid. After she explains the process of making the prosthetic, the stunning results can be seen at 6:52 mins. She creates a nose very similar to that which Malcolm Rifkind wears.

Part of what’s so amazing, are all the completely realistic looking skin pore details and there being no obvious join visible between the prosthetic and actual nose.

Earfold alteration

Though the earfold can be permanently altered by surgery, the technique demonstrated in the video below reversibly alters the earfold (and thus the whole look and feel of the ear) with just a simple clip.

When visible, the look of the ear forms a very significant aspect of overall the look of an individual. Being able to (reversibly) non-surgically alter the ears in such a profound and simple manner is extremely beneficial to an actor (given it permits them to have their ears looking quite different in everyday life).

Presumably a more hidden/camouflaged device is available for insiders. The one shown in the video is quite thick and opaque, but there’s no reason a far thinner (and essentially invisible) version couldn’t be available for insiders.

This type of face altering technology appears in the public realm decades after being routinely utilized by insiders. The delayed ‘drip, drip, drip’ release of secret technique into the public sphere can be viewed as ‘revelation of the method’ over time. And ‘revelation of the method’ is one aspect of captivating and hypnotizing the public.

Beyond Flawless Second Skin

Ultra thin synthetic skin which provides for a subtle facelift effect – plus looks to work really well under the eyes. This is the type of product that’s probably been in use for years by insiders.

Make-up for 2D images/video

This one of dallasgoldbug’s videos. At the 5 min mark, Ed shows and explains really insightful info as to how even subtle makeup can be use to significantly alter the look and bone structure of a person’s face, while still enabling them to look natural.