Nash played Stephen Hawkins & now plays Anthony Fauci of the NIH

See the below image for 100% proof, as Steven Hawkin’s wife is clearly the same girl who’s Nash’s reallife wife. She has the same ‘eye gaze’ too!

Stephen Hawkins played by Nash

Nash also plays c19 clotshot mega-criminal and scumbag Anthony Fauci

How much more obvious can it get? Anthony Fauci left, John Forbes Nash right

Nash versus Fauci: Some pointers for you as you look through the gallery below:

  • Nash has a long very triangular nose which projects a lot – so does Fauci.
  • Nash has extremely long spindly fingers (creepy) – so does Fauci.
  • Nash has very oversized ears which stick out a lot – so does Fauci (though are pinned back a bit).
  • Nash has longish floppy grey hair – so does Fauci, in an almost identical style.
  • Fauci’s like a fresher, smartened, spruced up version of Nash.

Looking at the gallery below, it’s not easy to tell Nash and Fauci apart.

Obviously Nash didn’t die in 2015. Just with the script having Fauci rocket to world prominence as the greatest Nuremburg Principle transgressor since WW2 – it was simpler for Nash to exit stage left. Otherwise a bit too obvious given Nash and Fauci look so identical.

My hypothesis as to how such anti-aging is pulled off (i.e. of the older Nash to the younger Fauci), is quite simply that in public, Nash was making-up to look far older than he actually looked.

The single image immediately below (above the gallery) is important because it shows a large ‘slab’ of latex running down the bridge of Fauci’s nose (in an attempt to ‘break up’ the very straight triangular profile of Nash’s nose).

Examine the large latex ‘slab’ overlaying the bridge of Fauci’s nose.

Consider how tragic it is that earth’s people have been conned by such a scumbag. First the HIV devastation – and now COVID.

Just look at all the honors Fauci has received in only the last few years.

Just as with Justin Trudeau and Owen Wilson – I believe I’m the first to identify Fauci as played by Nash.