Malcolm Rifkind played by actor Max Kelly

Please also see the important post here, which details the chain of evidence linking ABR characters Don Berwick and Anne Greenberg to actors Max Kelly and Jan Weston. Don Berwick can then be linked to Malcolm Rifkind via ear biometrics.

Former British MP, Malcolm Rifkind is considered by many to be an meanspirited, unattractive and uncouth person. The inclusion of ‘kind’ in Rifkind’s surname is obviously irony.

Maybe the most revealing
ABR image of Rifkind

The image immediately to the right is ‘angel sent’ in that the underlying lifetime ABR actor playing Rifkind is so clearly ‘demasked’ and visible – even to the untrained ABR eye! It’s as if for a moment, the actor playing Rifkind has completely forgotten who he’s meant to be!

The (lifetime) ABR actor playing Rifkind appears to be wearing a large/crooked fake nose prothesis and some type device which lowers the top lip (fitted inside the mouth). Also, it seems to me, some other device (or the way he holds his mouth slightly open much of the time) makes his chin look longer than it actually is.

[See this post for an insightful video about making and fitting a nose prothesis very similar to Rifkind’s – it’s incredible how realistic it is.]

Rifkind also appears to be wearing clip-on fake upper teeth (and possibly lower teeth too).

Rifkin’s ‘uncool’ solid-framed small round glasses, with their thick lenses, again really impact the aesthetics of his face (they quite take his face ‘over’). The glasses seem to elongate Rifkin’s face.

A major aspect of Rifkind’s ABR disguise/camouflage is pulling ‘ridiculous/uncouth’ looking, over-exaggerated facial expressions – click here for an example (will show in a popup).

In general, the pulling of over-exaggerated expressions tends to be a sure tell of an ABR character, given they function a disguise. In images where Rifkind isn’t pulling such expressions, it’s way easier to catch the identity of the actor playing him.

Rifkin’s ears are quite different on each side. The helix on Rifkin’s left ear is underdeveloped compared to his right side. Note, it’s possible for actors to simulate a more developed helix with a simple clip device – see this post for a video. Side profile shots of Rifkind are typically of his right side (with the more normally developed helix). Of course, images can be flipped/mirrored vertically too – so as to make Rifkind’s right side, left and visa-versa.

To note the images below are of the current ‘incarnation’ of Rifkind. The early/young Rifkind appears to have been played by another actor (not included here).

I find Rifkind the ABR character who best hides the underlying actor (compared to the actors other SABR characters). However, of all the actors’ characters, it’s Rifkin which most makes me wonder about the possibility of clones. Or maybe it’s just the actor is really in character (as in the Rifkind character really suits the actors disposition and character).

Other ABR characters played by the same actor are:

  • Donald Berwick (associate of mega-criminal Anthony Fauci – image of Berwick’s wife in post)
  • Mykola Azarov (former Ukrainian Prime Minister and fugitive from justice)

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