Key points: What did the crime involve? What was it done for? How was the crime carried out?

25th Oct 22 (INCREDIBLE): While discussing matters with my mother (UK based) she let slip that over twenty years ago, when visiting my uncle (her brother), Martin Bradley, 5000 miles away in Houston (USA), they visited a ski center there. Of all people, Dominic Lewinsohn ‘bumped’ into them and introduced himself! What an *amazing* piece of circumstantial evidence, given the postulated mother son relationship between Lewinsohn and my mother. The point being, this was almost certainly a contrived ‘bumping into’ so my mother could get to meet Lewinsohn (for the first time since ‘the accident‘ and my dead brother’s relocation and living as a new ABR character).

What exactly is the crime against Simona-Jasmine?

The crime is threefold, the first being a ‘one-off’ incident in 1983 where I was purposefully (though unlawfully) first drugged into a comatose state and then ‘inserted’ into a pre-scripted/staged high speed vehicle crash in which it appeared my brother was killed (and some others seriously injured). As part of this ‘staged drill’ I was tricked into believing my brother had died via the use of a realistic looking plastic dummy – when in fact he was simply relocated and took on the new name/ID of Dominic Lewinsohn.

The second part of the crime is what has taken place in the near four decades since the accident in 1983, in terms of ensuring my brother’s relocation to live under a new name/identity has remained covered up – at all costs. Bear in mind that a considerable number of individuals (including all family on both sides; close family friends, and a significant number of other third parties) were aware of what actually took place in 1983 – and that I have been surrounded by such persons for near four decades. Thus I have been subject to being endlessly and purposefully lied to, defrauded, manipulated, deceived, infiltrated and cheated in the most brazen and nasty/wicked way. In short, I have been subject to a highly organized criminal conspiracy to injure and defraud. If I could count the number of times I’ve been the recipient of highly charged statements such as ‘you killed Russell’ by people knowing full well that he is alive and well living as Dominic Lewinsohn? Of course such repulsive gaslighting was utilized in an attempt to have me believe the scam.

To grasp how the crime was carried out, it’s vital to first comprehend what is explained about the family operating a multigenerational business based on actor based reality (ABR). This is because the 1983 crime was based on an actor based reality magic trick (i.e. creating a new lifetime character for my brother, faking his death and then him being relocated to live as the new character Dominic Lewinsohn). To this extent, I’ve revealed some major world political figures, power players (and wanted criminal) presently played by my father Maxwell Kelly – along with clear photo evidence showing that the wife of one of my father’s political characters is his wife in real life (Jan Weston/Janice Weston/Jan Kelly) – thus 100% proving the ABR character identification.

If you are first able to ‘see’ the ABR linkages with my father, then I believe things will start to slot into place as regards the 1983 accident. Particularly given I’ve managed to obtain at least two genuine images of my ‘supposedly dead brother’ (i.e. Dominic Lewinsohn) and am able to show biometrically, that his facial dimensions and placement of key facial landmarks are identical. Plus, whether a latex mask or actual cancer surgery scars, it seems quite the coincidence that Dominic Lewinsohn looks as he does (given my brothers extremely identifiable ski-slope upturned snub nose with visible open nostrils in front profile view).

Of course, no criminal carries out such a masterly plan of such evil genius without there being a massive pay-off – and this is the third part of the crime. I have to speculate what this might be, but I presume my father and brother colluded to steal what is rightfully mine (by birthright) – most likely to do with family trusts and property. The fact that my father has held positions of the highest political office on multiple occasions (as evidenced in five posts on this site) clearly indicates ‘the family’ does indeed have a ‘seat at the table’ at very high levels. A person can’t just obtain such powerful positions by dressing up and and pretending to be another character, i.e. the ABR character is second, the person has to have a seat at the table first. [For the most part, ‘democracy’ was an illusion created for the everyday folk.]

It’s an astonishing and massive crime that I’ve been subject to, for near four decades. I’ve waited to reveal and publish what I’ve understood for many years – both until the right time – and the last possible opportunity. It’s not that I want to ‘out my father’ given he’s wanted by Interpol – however, ‘seeing’ and comprehending his ABR characters is essential to also understanding the 1983 crime committed against me by him. It’s based on the same family business and experience.

What did the crime involve?

The details provided on this site evidence that my brothers (supposed) death was in fact staged (i.e. it was a ‘magic trick’ which made it seem like he’d been killed whereas in fact he was relocated and began living under a new name/persona. This staged death and magic trick was accomplished using a planned/scripted car crash – after a large end-of-term ‘teen party’.

I was a passenger in the car which (reputedly) hit a group of pedestrians at high speed (approx 100 km/h). The group of five pedestrians (reportedly) included my brother.

How I ended up as a passenger in the car, was that I was first drugged into a state of unconsciousness. Then as the party came to a close I was carried (still largely unconscious but with brief moments of semi-consciousness) by a group of four people and placed in the front passenger side seat of the vehicle scripted to be involved in the car crash/accident.

Why was the plan carried out

Almost certainly, the plan was carried out so my brother (once supposedly dead) could be ‘relocated’ and live as another lifetime/ABR character – thus bypassing me as the rightful heir to significant multi-generational wealth (and maybe more significantly, which likely also provides a historical right to a ‘seat at the table’ in political matters).

My death in the accident might have been part of the original plan. However at the very last second, a girl in the group of four who carried and placed me in the car, clipped a seat belt around me. Her action almost certainly saved me from me being projected through the windscreen at high speed – after the car was driven off a small ‘mini cliff type ridge’ and subsequently dived into the ground, hitting with such force that it was completely wrecked and the engine dropped out.

The nature of the evidence

The evidence presented on this site is comprised of a mix of direct, circumstantial and forensic (i.e. biometric) evidence. Below is a list of the most significant evidence & corroborating factors (each point is discussed in more detail on the site, along with additional ‘secondary’ evidences).

  1. The photographic/biometric match between my brother and the hypothesized ABR character Dominic Lewinsohn (see below and here and here for larger versions).
  2. The remarkable and presumably contrived incident of twenty years ago wherein a very close relation of my ‘dead brother’ who resides in the UK (accidentally) ‘bumped’ into Dominic Lewinsohn 5000 miles away from home, when on holiday, staying with my uncle Martin in Houston, US (see here for details). I posit my uncle, Martin Bradley was the main ‘family support’ for my ‘dead brother’ after he was initially relocated there post accident and began living as a new character. He also attended college in Houston.
  3. The ‘girl at the restaurant‘ (see here) is married to a person who biometrically/photographically matches my dead brother near 100%.
  4. The extended family’s (multi-generational) business (at least down to my grandparents) was centered around actor based reality (ABR). That the crime in large part is also based on an ABR scam is therefore just an extension of what was, the existing family business. (See here for all posts about ABR)
  5. Beginning at the age of approx 8-9 years of age, I was subject to repeated threats about being removed from family wills (i.e. matters to do with inheritance and myself were of significant concern for many adults who surrounded me, even at such a young age). The criminality of involving me in the staging of the accident and duping me in regard to my dead brother’s relocation and new character was likewise also to do with matters of inheritance and wealth.
  6. I was the only individual at the party of 150+ attendees who was drugged into a comatose state. I was subsequently drugged again into a comatose state (by the family) a few hours later, after giving my statement to the police – for no reason whatsoever.
  7. The surname of the ABR character I hypothesize is played by my ‘dead brother’ is Lewinsohn, i.e. ‘Le Win Sohn’ (The Win Son) aka The Winning Son (see here). Thus his surname has direct relevance to the ‘the whole’ and other evidence.
  8. In the only family portrait (taken not too long before my brother’s ‘death’), the family representative’s hand is symbolically and ‘decisively’ placed on my brother’s shoulder (they are both standing proud smiling), while I was positioned further down, almost crouching, near the ground, despite being the eldest son at the time. The pose/gesture by the ‘family representative’ appears to be deliberate and announcing my brother as the chosen family heir (and with me in his shade).
  9. A week or two before my brother’s supposed death, for no reason whatsoever, he punched me in the head – leaving me in a state of concussion for the remainder of the day. Such aggression and violence had never happened previously (and it was unprovoked). Given my brother and mother were very close, it can be postulated he was feeling angry and upset about his forthcoming relocation – and in particular that I was going to be still living with our mother for a few more years.
  10. The complete overlooking of inserting the legal identification of my dead brother’s body into the ‘storyboard’, in the day or two after the accident. I wasn’t left alone for a few days and so ‘my family’ couldn’t have gone anywhere (together at least). Plus neither at the time nor in the last 39 years, has there ever been any mention/talk about going to ID my brother’s body in the morgue and the associated experience.
  11. I never (ever) witnessed ‘my family’ experiencing the (expected) grief of losing a favorite and beloved child to death in a meaningless accident – not at the time or since.
  12. The gravel road the car sped along at high speed is relatively straight, so the five pedestrians reputedly hit by the car would have had quite significant time to see and hear the car approaching. Therefore there is no explanation as to why they would have remained standing in the middle of the road (and in the cars path). The group of five included three girls who were reasonably sensible by nature and thus they would not have been drunk and/or overly intoxicated and could have been expected to shepherd the two teen boys to the side (out of the direct path of the car).

The staging of the accident in more detail (reasoned-speculation):

Below is a fuller bullet point list of how the criminal ‘magic trick’ was staged (for consistency some points from above are repeated):

  • I was drugged into a state of unconsciousness at the beginning of the party (within the first 15 minutes). Thus no time would be wasted. The drug might even have been in my drink given I don’t recall taking any pills.
  • While I was laying unconscious during the party, the event plan was gone over and the various players got into role and position.
  • I was carried and placed into the car, essentially still unconscious, but with brief moments of semi-consciousness breaking through.
  • It was just luck the girl put a seat belt around me at the last second (thank you dear).
  • After the car had begun moving, first, a scripted/contrived ‘nudge’ of a friend (who was sat on their motorcycle) took place – then as a reaction, the driver of the car suddenly sped off down the approx mile long narrow gravel track as fast as they dared (reaching approx 100 km/h at the end where it joined with a road in a T shape).
  • As the car sped down the track I fell back into a state of complete unconsciousness due to being drugged.
  • As the car reached the end of the narrow track, it reportedly/supposedly hit a group of five pedestrians (one of whom was claimed to be my brother).
  • Because I was comatose I didn’t see anything. I once asked the person who was supposedly in the back of the car what they saw, and their reply was hurried, stumbling and unconvincing. I suspect there never was a back seat passenger in the car (as would have represented an unnecessary risk to the staged accident).
  • The car sped across the main road the track adjoined, flew off a ‘mini cliff type ridge’ and crash landed approx 20-25 meters into a field.
  • After the car had come to a stop, the crash scene was setup by the event controllers/managers, i.e. the bodies/dummies and actors were moved into place (hence also why there was no one in the car when I eventually ‘came to’). And no one was moving about outside either (i.e. at this point all were in the rear, waiting to go on set when their scripted moment arrived).
  • When everything was setup and ready, an antidote to the substance I’d been drugged with was administered – waking me with a jolt.
  • When I ‘came to’ I saw/found five bodies laid out approx 10 meters in front of the car, in a symmetrical fan type shape. In the moment, I presumed the five bodies had been picked up by the front of the car, after being hit – and then carried a total of approx 30-40 meters. My brother was among the five bodies and was apparently laying there motionless and dead or dying.
  • Evidence indicates that my brother’s body was in fact just a lifelike plastic dummy.
  • Not realizing my brother’s body was a dummy, I administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart pumps – but to no avail. I thus came to believe my brother had been killed in the crash.
  • At no time did my brother move even a tiny bit, say anything and/or make any sound – though at the time I supposed his breathing and heart stopped during the desperate attempt to save him. Like I can recall shouting to him close up, to try and reach him/his mind.
  • For realism, the magic trick permitted the other four bodies to be played by actors (moaning and groaning with pain).
  • At the time, even though they were only a few feet away from me, because of being solely focused on my brother, I never saw any of the other four teenagers reputedly hit by the car, up close. They were reportedly left with various broken bones. However, it was only months later (after they were all healed) that I learned these others had (reportedly) suffered such injuries.
  • The dressed embalmed body of my brother I saw in the funeral chapel before the burial was the dummy.
  • The family overlooked ‘inserting’ identification of the body the immediate days after (into the overall ‘storyboard’). Because there was no dead body to ID. Years later when I asked them about it (and why such legally required ID’ing hadn’t taken place), they stumbled, seemingly trying to think up an answer/reason on their feet.
  • I believe my brother was relocated to the USA – so as to be able to fulfill the role of the family heir under the disguise of a new character. And was thus able to take control of/manage the family’s off-book wealth (something he wouldn’t have been able to do if he remained in place).
  • On the night of the accident, after giving my statement to the police – the family then drugged me a second time – for no reason whatsoever in terms of my emotional state, etc.

Note that I believe the above took place within the larger context of a security service training drill for future staged/hoax ‘car as a weapon’ staged terrorist attacks. Cheltenham, where the accident took place is an intel/security town, and my family were/are intimately connected with the security services.

So what was the crime against me exactly?

I believe the larger crime was ‘stealing’ my birthright, i.e. what I was due to inherit (and/or become responsible for) as the oldest son, according to centuries-old rules of primogeniture, included in certain very significant property and trust deeds. To pull this larger crime off, a criminal conspiracy to injure and defraud was engaged in. The particulars of the criminal conspiracy included me being:

  • Drugged into a state of unconsciousness.
  • Placed in a car scripted to be involved in a serious crash and which supposedly ran into a group of pedestrians (claimed to include my brother).
  • Possibly an aim which failed, was to kill me – as a result of being propelled through the car windscreen at high speed, i.e. at close to 100 km/h. I probably only survived because the girl put the seat belt round me at the last second, after a group discussion.
  • I was tricked/duped into desperately trying to bring my brother back to life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart pumps. However it was almost certainly an extremely realistic plastic dummy utilized to fool/trick me amidst a very serious crash situation, in the dead of night and after being drugged.
  • Many times over the subsequent years I’ve been accused and/or told that it was me that killed my brother – while all along the persons knew full well he’d just been relocated and was living as a new character.
  • For the few years post ‘the accident’, I was surrounded by many tens of others of similar age who most surely had insight into what really took place (i.e. I was subject to extreme levels of highly organized and orchestrated lying, gaslighting, manipulation and trickery). (See here for consideration about how this was achieved.)
  • For 39 years (since 1983) I’ve been subjected to a whole range of psychologically and emotionally vicious tactics and behaviors for the aim of both duping me and covering up what really took place, i.e. that the accident was a staged hoax and my brother was simply relocated to live as a lifetime actor/ABR character with a surname (esoterically) supposedly meaning ‘The Winning Son’.
  • Thus I’ve been subject to a wicked and deeply thought out crime involving a massive theft and embezzlement of my birthright. Working out the crime and finding the courage to publish about it has taken a lifetime.

When the above points are taken together with the incredible facial match between my brother and the ABR character I hypothesize he plays (see images below) – I consider it is reasonable and logical to suppose that such a crime as I hypothesize and describe has in fact taken place. Biometric based photographic matching/comparisons can be considered court-level appropriate evidence to support prosecution of a crime. The main two comparison images can be found below. Plus on the other pages linked below, you will find all sorts of additional corroborating details.

You can find more details on the following pages:

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Outermost images are AI ‘head pose’ adjusted inc. simulated hairline to better match images of Russell Kelly aged 14/15

Larger files/images of the above two pics can be found here and here respectively (both will open in new tab/window)