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The primary marked-up ID comparison image can be viewed here (opens in a new tab or popup window). A clean image version can be found here (i.e. without the overlaid grid, etc).

An AI ‘head pose and hairline’ adjusted image can be see here here . [To note, the images are of sufficient size to fill the full screen of a large monitor and still be crisp clear.]

[If any of the above links aren’t working, backup links to the same images can be found listed below.)

The overall probability of the identification proving correct, increases mathematically with each additional small/modest factor pointed out whether image or non-image related (i.e. lots of smaller things add up to a lot). Therefore some extra factors to those already mentioned elsewhere are discussed below.


Russell Kelly
Family representative’s hand on shoulder of Russell
Kelly in family portrait
  1. The type of elites ruling the earth today can’t resist clever word play. They love it because word play gets in the faces of their victims. When utilizing the ‘hidden in plain site’ method, they can always later claim that all along everything we needed to know was right in front of your eyes. It seems they (mistakenly) it acts as a form of plausible deniability for karmic responsibility.

    The surname Lewinsohn – sounds kind of innocently German right, blended with a derivative of Lewis maybe?

    But maybe you recall my comment about the image shown on the right, as to how in this one-and-only family portrait photo, taken a short time before my brothers ‘death’, the family representative’s hand is resting on my brothers shoulder. They are both standing tall and proud – smiling broadly – while I’m down at ground level, almost kneeling (my hair/head just visible lower left corner). I look very broody and sort of ‘smouldering’, though chilled. Surprisingly my impression is that I seem the most ‘real’ and genuinely present/alive of the four in the photo. Maybe because I’m the only one not smiling broadly.

    Looking now at my brother and family representative in the image, it seems clear that a public announcement was being made by the hand-on-shoulder gesture. The passing of wealth and power to the appointed heir. Given it was an important family portrait photo – such a blatant show of favoritism towards one of the sons would surely not go unnoticed by those able to read such signs. [At the time, nothing occurred to me – was just glad to get the event over with as don’t like cameras.]

    Lewinsohn ==> Le Win Sohn ==> Le Winning Son ==> The Winning Son!

    Get it lol, i.e. Supposedly I was the losing son (at the time). Not that I cared – I didn’t even know I was in such a competition. No one informed me.

    While writing this I recalled that 12.5 years ago (according to date of email just checked) I’d written to a relative about this family portrait (as I’d ended up with the original full size image in a gilded gold frame). With good will and no ulterior motive whatsoever I’d written: ‘Dear xy, was recently fortunate to get my hands on the attached picture (2 copies attached in zip file). Thought you’d appreciate a photo of it. Beautiful image. Very nice matching a, b, c you’re wearing. Was saying to xx – that you even look like you are capable of having fun. It has July 1980 on the back of the canvas’.

    What I received back 14 hours later was this:

    ‘I have this photograph already as a reminder of life before the horror of Russell’s death changed everything.’

    Even all these years later, my inner feelings and intuition still feel insulted by the reply, both its tone and content. To me this ‘wreaks’ of a person jumping on a (presumed) opportunity to reinforce the programming they believed had taken root in my mind. I’m filled with a sense of being gaslit for an underlying aim of manipulating and controlling me. I have a highly developed radar for such transgressions of interpersonal relationship.

    Between my good willed/’happy’ comments and the reply – there’s an unacknowledged changing of context and boundaries. It’s like I said a joyful good morning to a person – and they replied with and aggressive and threatening ‘fuck off you cunt’. The sleight of hand was done under a ‘poor victim’ banner – so that no reproach and/or taking issue with it might be made.

    The reality for this person, as I know they would state themselves – is after ‘Russell’s death’ they believe they found a happier marriage – and have expressed to me on many an occasion how they are glad ‘everything changed’. So their statement isn’t at all congruent with their deeper feelings.

    Given the very symbolic meaning and significance of the family portrait, another aim of the reply I received could have been to ‘dismiss’ the image so as to take away any seeming importance and/or value it might have.

    Given the tone and ‘niceness’ of my original email, if the relative really did want to include something of what they wrote – they might have written, ‘yes it is a very nice family portrait, though I must admit it causes me sadness when I see it and remember things before Russell’s death’.

    Because this example is just a single instance it might not seem much. But over the years I’ve been subject to hundreds of such ‘little cameos’ (as I call them) – from various members of the family – each hoping to do ‘their little bit’ in service of the mind manipulation/programming I was supposed to be under.

    Several years back I was chatting with a girl who’d visited the Arlington County site where one of the hijacked planes reportedly ‘dived’ into the ground on 9/11 – because of hijackers at the ‘helm’. I mentioned to her that it was a proven hoax (a thousand times over) and at most, it was a missile which had been fired into the earth, so as to simulate a plane hitting the ground.

    My comment took her by surprise and without thinking she said, but I saw the memorial at the site for those that died.

    You see how it was the ‘secondary factors’ which had leveraged the hoax as real into her mind? Her logic had integrity (for her) because it ran along the lines of: because I saw a memorial ==> people must have died there. Her mind had never even needed to assess the original event (in terms of it being either real or hoax/simulated).

    But her mind was ‘running’ with a logical fallacy (i.e. a breakdown in the rules of logic). Sure a memorial could be constructed for the purpose of legitimately remembering individuals who died on the spot – that’s the true meaning and intention of a memorial. However there’s nothing about the presence of a memorial which absolutely guarantees anyone died and/or on the spot in particular. A memorial can be erected almost anywhere by anyone and for any ulterior nefarious purpose whatsoever.

    In general, post-hypnotic suggestions call on these sort of secondary factors to provide legitimacy to an earlier event in time. Most people’s minds will just automatically think/feel – if x event is happening in 2022 to remember y event in 2010 – then the 2010 event must have happened! End of discussion!

    Disappointing but true, logic and reasoning wise. It’s this dynamic which others have attempted to use of me without success. But even aside from logic, real/genuine feelings have a ‘sense’ about them which is unmistakable. Contrived faked and hoaxed feelings just feel hollow and unconvincing to the intuitive sense.

  2. When you bring up the comparison image, (or the clean version of it) note how in the original images of my brother when younger, he’s holding his head tilted forward. This has the effect of visually lowering the mouth a bit (and showing less of the base of the nose and nostril openings) – compared to if he was holding his head and neck straight up (as ‘Le Winning Son’ is doing in the images of when approx 39+ years older). Eye position would remain more constant because of being closer to the camera compared to the mouth (when head tilted).

    The tilting of the head forward could well have been an advance strategy given this is the sort of technique ABR actors use for portraying different characters. For example, one character might only ever be photographed/videoed from the right side and below eye level – while another character they play, always from the left and above eye level. Each character thus already has quite a different look using very simple techniques.

    If you allow for the slight ‘shifting’ due to a different head position (and different cameras, lenses, etc) you will note that the comparison images align surprisingly well – both in the placement of key facial landmarks, as well as for the overall shape and dimensions of the face. As above there’s approx 39+ years between the two photos.

    Try and see past the scaring on the nose and forehead. I suspect they’re real, however a lifetime ABR actor wearing a mask wouldn’t be the first time.

    If are actual surgical scars, why after approx 15-20+ years it’s surprising they haven’t they been tidied up. Guestimating, ‘Le Winning Son’ looks to have had a 500k/year type position. Revision surgery, laser and ablation therapy could tidy the scars up a great deal with minimal risk.

  3. Again looking at the comparison image, what’s clear is that either the cancer surgery (or the mask if indeed worn) has caused the nose to become far wider at its base than it originally was. The degree to which nose base width has increased can be gauged from how much wider one size of the nose is than the other. If surgery, it’s difficult to work out what’s been done to the base of the nose – plus it’s like the nostrils have been ‘filled in’ too. As mentioned elsewhere, if indeed surgery, the result is a very different outcome aesthetically compared to this instance (seemingly of the same procedure).

    Obviously if surgery, it must have been very distressing. However, the observation still stands that all other key facial landmarks (including height and width of face) line up near perfectly with my brothers. And if he is living as a lifetime ABR actor, without question he would need a means of disguising his extremely identifiable ski slope upturned snub nose (which had visible open nostrils in front profile).

    It just so happens that the scar (or mark) brings the septum down lower (i.e. the middle bit of the nose, between the nostrils). This would be very useful/convenient for a person with an upturned snub-nose who was wanting to disguise it.

    Naturally, it would be interesting to see an image of ‘The Winning Son’ before the surgery. Speaking stereotypically, the width of the nose at present, is like a black guys nose on a white person.

  4. ‘The Winning Son’ looks to have had his ears pinned back after approx 2014. When comparing with this image here (same here & here). the ears in the comparison image are pinned back relative to how they seemingly once were – particularly the persons left ear. You’ll note that my brother (and I too when younger) had ears with significant projection outwards (I had mine pinned back after as weren’t so femme looking).

  5. Something else I heard which fits. My mother is an absolutely superb cook and party hostess. Particularly in the past, the Cordon bleu level spreads she put on for guests were amazing – both in terms of quality of the dishes – and sheer variety of dishes. And her deserts were quite ‘heaven sent’. Cooking and entertaining was one of her great skills and abilities – and to improve them she relished attending day-long masterclasses at stately homes.

    My mother and I seldom see eye to eye, but my brother and her were incredibly close. From when very young, my brother and I were expected to serve party guests (often 50-60 per party) with aperitif type snacks. I disliked the task but my brother loved to participate in the proceedings in such a way. I guess he was sharing the same time and space with my mother.

    Way back, I recall reading that ‘The Winning Son’ studied hotel and catering at college (maybe some chef work involved too?).

    If my brother had been ‘force-separated’ from his mother – then it could be expected he’d select a subject to study that was particularly meaningful – in terms of helping come to terms with the separation. Naturally, hotel and catering would fit.

As already linked, the primary image is here. A ‘clean’ version of it is here (i.e. without the grid and other arrow lines).

There are two images to view – a marked up image (which assists in comparing facial dimensions and position of key facial landmarks) and a clean image (i.e. same without overlaid marking lines). Some image links may have stopped working – if so, please find additional ones below.

Link to galleries showing ‘both images in a gallery‘ (i.e. both marked up and ‘clean’ images):


Darknet link to gallery with ‘marked-up and clean‘ image (Tor browser only):


Links to ‘marked-up’ image only:


Darknet link to ‘marked-up’ image (Tor browser only):


Links to ‘clean‘ image only:


Darknet links to ‘clean‘ image (Tor browser only):


Links to ‘adjusted hairline‘ images (with grid and clean without):

with grid: https://www.linkpicture.com/q/hairgraft-id_1.jpg
with grid: http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=25_hairgraft-id.jpg
with grid (darknet Tor browser only): http://oju4yn237c6hjh42qothvpreqecnqjhtvh4sgn3fqmsdvhu5d5tyspid.onion/i/1gft5hn27_1.jpg
without grid: https://www.linkpicture.com/q/hairgraft-id-clean_1.jpg
without grid: http://img4.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=25_hairgraft-id-clean.jpg
without grid (darknet Tor browser only): http://oju4yn237c6hjh42qothvpreqecnqjhtvh4sgn3fqmsdvhu5d5tyspid.onion/i/1gft5hn27_2.jpg

Click image for larger version
Outermost images are AI ‘head pose’ adjusted inc. simulated hairline to better match images of Russell Kelly aged 14/15

Larger files/images of the above two pics can be found here and here respectively (both will open in new tab/window)