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25th Oct 22 (INCREDIBLE): While discussing matters with my mother (UK based) she let slip that over twenty years ago, when visiting my uncle (her brother), Martin Bradley, 5000 miles away in Houston (USA), they visited a ski center there. Of all people, Dominic Lewinsohn ‘bumped’ into them and introduced himself! What an *amazing* piece of circumstantial evidence, given the postulated mother son relationship between Lewinsohn and my mother. The point being, this was almost certainly a contrived ‘bumping into’ so my mother could get to meet Lewinsohn (for the first time since ‘the accident‘ and my dead brother’s relocation and living as a new ABR character).

WEBSITE PURPOSES: (1) To document and ‘out’ an astonishing actor based reality (ABR) crime which I’ve been subject to for 39+ years (since 1983). To quickly get up to speed with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the crime, please start with the ‘Key Points’ page linked in the menu, (it’s the most complete page and includes a summary of the main supporting evidence). (2) To proves the reality of ABR via showing 100% with biometrics that three major figures are played via the same actor (Maxwell Kelly). The pages related to this are listed on the front page of the site and/or on the 100% proof pages here and here. For completeness, some other ABR matches of well known public figures are also posted on the site. (3) That the crime against me referenced in point one above, was merely an ‘extension’ of the already existing multi-generational family actor based reality business.

My name is Simona Jasmine and I’m a trans female/transsexual female (details here). For ref (as is important later), my birth certificate states I was a girl at birth. The use of actor based reality (ABR) by a small number of elite families is one of the core mechanisms of individual and societal manipulation being utilized across the earth today for malevolent and nefarious purposes (though please see this post on possible clone use too). Understanding about actor based reality is growing at a pace among everyday folk – at least in those whose minds can handle the shock and mind-bending experience which accompanies first realizations. Gaining insight into actor based reality is crucial because of how malicious and manipulative it is (even ‘mass trance’ inducing) – and because it’s being used to push humanity ever closer to the brink and point of no return.

The working hypothesis is that the three main ABR characters featured on the site (i.e. not the dallasgoldbug Wellaware1 related ABR images and actor identifications) are all played by the same ‘underlying’ actor. This post features an ear biometric analysis which evidences 100%, that the three ABR characters are indeed played by the same actor.

ABR pioneer Ed Chiarini

Since 2011 Ed Chiarini (aka dallasgoldbug) has pioneered the study of ABR and it was he who originally coined the term ‘actor based reality’. Joe Atwill coined another useful term known as ‘lifetime actor’ which lays emphasis of one particular aspect of some ABR characters (i.e. that an actor might play a particular character for many decades).

Me at approx 7/8 years

My experience is unusual in that I was born into what I came to learn is a multi-generational actor based reality family (at least on the paternal grandparents side/level). However, early in my life (by age 4-5 years from the sound of it) it was seemingly decided that I was not suited for the family business. I thus became the ‘black sheep’ of the family and in essence a ‘targeted individual’ (TI). [TI meant in a far more extensive, insidious and wide-ranging sense that how the term is typically utilized.].

Though I always sensed something wasn’t ‘right’, it took until approx age 44 for me to really grasp the incredible and outrageous concept of actor based reality and how I had been surrounded by and in the midst of it all my life (without consciously realizing/computing such). What I have to share therefore is more from the ‘inside’, given my intimate familiarity with the type of individuals who I consider play actor based reality characters.

I don’t claim to match Ed Chiarini’s skill at picking out ABR characters – however, given my family background, not unsurprisingly recognizing ABR characters has developed into one of my core cognitive and psychological abilities. I feel ‘seeing through’ ABR characters is about being able to ‘go beyond surface appearances’ so as to really feel and sense the psyche ‘behind the mask’. It’s comparable to how some individuals can see past the ‘hollow face illusion’, whereas some never can.

Below image (click to enlarge): This face of the famous tennis player Bjorn Borg appears convex (i.e. pushed out), but is actually concave in design (i.e. pushed in).

As to your next step in your ABR journey, please consider examining this following linked pair of incredible images, originally published by Ed Chiarini. You can find the images and full explanation of what they actually show in this post here.