Trotskyist communist Donald Berwick (played by Max Kelly) & wife (played by Jan Weston)

Please also see the important post here, which details the chain of evidence linking ABR characters Don Berwick and Anne Greenberg to actors Max Kelly and Jan Weston.

ABR character Donald Berwick (played by Max Kelly) is listed as married to ABR character Ann Greenberg played by Jan Weston (though could be her real name in this instance). See the image of the couple below. More about ‘the Greenbergs’ later.

Don Berwick and wife Ann Greenberg
Don Berwick with wife Anne Greenberg.
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Donald Berwick is a (lifetime) ABR character (i.e. a fictional character played by the same actor for several decades). Berwick is a Trotskyist communist who promotes permanent revolution under various guises (such as continuous heath care improvement). Though this might sound lofty, the real aim of such policy is to destabilize healthcare institutions such as the British NHS – so they implode in the near future (and in a way that Berwick and his cronies can benefit in a massive way financially).

All Berwick’s foundational pediatric qualifications and experience are a fiction – in reality the actor playing Berwick has neither.

As detailed below, Berwick has high level input in the NHS via the King’s Fund group. However wherever Berwick shows up, institutional implosion soon follows. This of course is the aim of Trotskyist communist’s – who are aiming to collapse western civilization and form a dictatorial and tyrannical world communist system. Berwick is one of the key movers and shakers in this traitorous movement.

Donald Berwick is listed as a member and participant of the World Economic Forum (see here), an umbrella organization ‘home’ to the core group of ABR conspirators and criminals pushing ‘The Great Reset’. The Great Reset, already underway, involves the collapse of the financial system/world economy; implementation of a universal carbon credit allowance system; limiting of hydrocarbon fuels; new CBDC type money linked to a social credit system and health/vaccination pass, etc. The covid ‘plandemic’/scamdemic was the ‘starting pistol’ for ‘The Great Reset’ which in turn has been swiftly followed by the Ukraine outrage.

Ed Chiarini provides evidence that the (actual) Greenberg family is at the center of ABR in the US (see here for brief summary). Chiriani makes the case that the inclusion of ‘berg’ in a prominent persons name can be an (insider) heads-up for an ABR character/link (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook with his ‘facebook invented at Harvard’ backstory).

Another insider ‘joke’ and heads-up of an ABR character is what Chiarini terms the ‘dick joke’. For example, Donald Berwick’s surname can be considered to express the ‘dick joke’ in that it refers to a dick with a ‘burr’ on it (i.e. a rough edge or ridge). It sounds ludicrous, however as you increase your ABR identification skills you’ll notice how often the ‘dick’ joke is utilized (and likewise with ‘berg’).

Donald Berwick is associated with the mega-criminal Anthony Fauci (see the image immediately below of Berwick presenting Fauci with a supposedly prestigious award in late 2020). Berwick also headed the panel who decided on who the award would be given to. Full video here (link set to start video at the right time). It goes without saying that anyone closely associated with Anthony Fauci is highly suspect). Note that I have identified Fauci as being played by Nash, see this post here.

Given pic is Oct 2020, are these two celebrating the highly toxic clotshot due to be launched in a few months?
Fauci was responsible for the AIDS AZT related deaths scandal/crime.

Appointed an international visiting fellow at the Fund in October 2015, Don will contribute to the Fund and its broader work to improve health and care in the NHS.

Don will also be working widely with governmental and non-governmental organizations in addition to The King’s Fund throughout England as appropriate as part of his efforts in support of improvement of care, outcomes, and costs within the NHS in England.

From wiki:

Donald M. Berwick is a former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Berwick said that he was motivated by his Jewish upbringing. The ethical foundations of Judaism speak to me about being proper stewards of society and the world, said Berwick. It affects my views and reminds us all we are in this together and really have to help each other, he said. I’m worried about the failure to realize progressive issues I care about: healthcare as a human right, poverty and justice. These issues are under siege in America.

On April 19, 2010, Berwick was nominated to be Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which oversees the two federal programs.

Berwick’s presentation (as played by the actor) has got significantly older and scruffy looking since the heydays of 2013/14 (when Berwick also ran for Massachusetts governor). In addition it looks like the actor had some work done on his lobes at around the same time (to make them smaller).

Other ABR characters the same actor plays are:

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