Clones vs ABR?

Note: This page should be considered ‘highly speculative’ in that I don’t knowingly have any direct experience and/or knowledge as to whether clones exist.

The issue of human clones being used for either general movie acting and/or actor based reality (ABR) is an important question.

Please examine the teeth in this screenshot of Keanu Reeves, from the film Replicas (2018) – which as it happens is about clones!

The top image is an enlarged crop of the lower one. If you’re seeing this for the first time, you might conclude it’s just this film and is related to the plot and character. However, if you look carefully, you will see the same with the leading actors in many recent movies.

Typically, such an image is on screen for a few tenths of a second. You can see the scene captured below at 1:12 mins in the trailer here (it’s set to start at 1:09 – easiest to use the space bar to start and stop).

click to magnify (in popup)
click to magnify (in popup)

Keanu Reeves is one of the world’s great film stars – he was the lead actor in The Matrix! In terms of probabilities, what are the odds of a leading movie star having such crooked teeth? Is Keanu Reeves unable to afford basic dental treatment?

Of course it’s possible the teeth could be fake covers, being utilized for some (unknown) purpose – though such would be odd given a film stars good looks are often part of their financial value.

If you look carefully you will see crowded front teeth in many leading stars. Many age very slowly too, but we presume they’ve had a facelift and/or have access to better beauty treatments than us ‘common mortals’.

Speculating – one significant issue with ‘growing’ clones might be that the front lower teeth tend to ‘crowd’ (because of an adult being grown/developed in rapid/accelerated time).

If clones are widely used in Hollywood, why not for actor based reality (ABR) purposes too? ABR characters likewise often have ‘crowded’ lower front teeth.

Though human cloning is surrounded by a ‘sci-fi’ aura, it’s probably not technically difficult to achieve. IVF has been possible for years – and recreating the conditions of womb (outside of a cis female) can’t be that challenging surely? Why wouldn’t the elites and controllers have been pursuing such black-budget science for decades, even centuries?

Huxley’s fictional novel Brave New World references a Bokanovsky Process applied to fertilized human eggs in vitro, causing them to split into identical genetic copies of the original. The process can be repeated several times, though the maximum number of viable embryos possible is 96, with 72 being a good average. The Huxley’s were high-up British insiders.

If such a process does exist – and much about Brave New World does seem ‘prophetic’, the availability of 72-96 copies of a major movie star would offer certain possibilities above and beyond there only being one original biological individual available.

A core task for (certain) elites is how to keep the masses mesmerized and captivated with ‘bread and circuses’. Secretly using clones would provide astonishing opportunities. For example, consider a Saturday night prime time TV show such as Strictly Come Dancing (and it’s worldwide spin-offs) in which famous celebrities learn to dance (better) for a few weeks – and then show off their new skills in a mini-competition.

The level of dancing skill learnt by the show’s guest celebrities is incredible and (in reality) not something which can be achieved without years of dedicated practice and tuition – maybe per song. But how about if the dancers are clones of the ‘original celebrity’ who have in fact been dancing intensively (behind the scenes) for several years already – maybe each with a particular but different number one performance in mind?

By use of such ‘technological magic’, the masses can thus be kept hypnotized and controlled. As a viewer watches the show their mind will experience cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance occurs because the viewer senses unconsciously that the process they’re witnessing is impossible (i.e. no one can learn to dance so amazingly and with such precision in such a short period of time). Yet consciously, they are seeing and believing such a thing with their own eyes. Cognitive dissonance is a form of confusion and ‘suspended belief’ which makes an individual susceptible to further manipulation and programming.

Incredible dancing skill to an amazing track!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Dallasgoldbug takes a firm line against those who make the case that at least some of the ABR characters are clones. His non-negotiable argument appears to be that even speculating about the use of clones could potentially diminish the responsibility human actors carry for their ABR characters.

However, Ed’s insight re the sheer value of finding an image of an ABR character with their real-life spouse (or other relation) does more strongly evidence that an ABR character is being played by a natural human actor rather than a clone (unless of course their relations have been cloned too!). But cloning an ABR actor’s relations, would increase the complexity of a psyop and make it more prone to failure.

Oftentimes it’s difficult to conceive how makeup and disguise alone would be sufficient for some ABR characters to look so different in regard to a certain feature (for example, the ABR character having a very different shaped ear). But clones could account for such differences.

The ethics of cloning is highly questionable, both in terms of clone welfare and their security of person as well as who is lawfully/legally responsible for a clone – if anyone but themselves?

I can’t envisage why clones shouldn’t be afforded the same God given rights and protections as natural humans – subject to same laws of course.

In 1983 I was involved in a devastating accident in which I was the front seat passenger in a vehicle that ran into a group of pedestrians at high speed (one of whom was my brother). My ‘brother’ died on the spot despite my attempts at resuscitation.

Both intellectually and intuitively, many aspects of the accident have never added up – including that in the hours beforehand, I’d been drugged into a state of unconsciousness. Though I’ve recently updated my thinking (to a simpler explanation), I had long hypothesized that clones were (potentially) utilized – so as to pull off such an astonishing but criminal magic trick.

You can find more details about this event on this post page here.


A possible reason for top Hollywood actors using fake crooked teeth, could be to do with laying the seeds for a sci-fi scenario psyop about clones and AI taking over the world. A case has long been made (for instance see The Iron Mountain report) that a sci-fi type scenario could be utilized to unite the earth’s people as one. For instance a simulated alien invasion or a simulated takeover by ‘skynet’.