A truly amazing ABR image!

Image credit: This image was first put together and published by Ed Chiarini (aka dallasgoldbug).

Please take a few moments to look and study the image and take it in. Maybe identify Steve Jobs – and then John Lennon, surely two faces you know well. And then look at and examine the female in both images.

How can it be…???

You can use a mouseover to magnify the image.

In-depth explanation of the characters shown in the photo above:

On first sight the image shows Steve Jobs & wife (on left) and John Lennon & wife on the right.

The question however is: Are Steve Jobs and wife Laurene Powell, pictured on the left – the same John and Cynthia Lennon shown on the right.

The contention here is: Though Cynthia Lennon (on the right) is now called Laurene Powell (on the left)(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurene_Powell_Jobs) and is Steve Job’s wife – she was originally John Lennon’s first wife (known then as Cynthia Lennon). And of course, the same with John Lennon and (the late) Steve Jobs.

Hence, by seeing that it is potentially the same biological/genetic male and female in both images, we can start to establish that Steve Jobs and John Lennon (along with their respective wives) are in fact ‘played’ by the same person/s (whatever their actual legal names are, versus the fictional characters they play).

As above, Lennon is with his actual original wife Cynthia Lennon on the right of the image. See this B&W image from the NY Times here in terms of confirming this: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/02/arts/cynthia-lennon-the-first-beatles-wife-dies-at-75.html

This B&W at the NY Times shows John Lennon with his wife Cynthia Lennon. [Caption states: Cynthia and John Lennon in 1964, two years after they married. They divorced in 1968, and she remarried three times.]

If indeed the public personas are purely fictional (and played by actors who are scripted), this leaves the issue of the actress/lifetime-actress who played Cynthia Lennon up until she supposedly died 1st April 2015 (aged 75).

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynthia_Lennon

We can easily suppose that this particular (wiki Cynthia Lennon) is not the original Cynthia Lennon – or at least, there is the very strong likelihood it’s not, given the look this (wiki) Cynthia Lennon has, compared to Laurene Powell and the original younger Cynthia Lennon.

Both the nose is different (though this could have been altered of course), but the distance between the vermilion of the top lip and the base of her nose is very different compared with the real Cynthia Lennon (even allowing for aging). Also, the weight distribution, and look and vibe is just markedly different.

Just to explain this last point a bit more: Because it is being suggested that Cynthia Lennon changed her name to Laurene Powell (so she could remain Lennon’s wife after he was shot and became the new character Steve Jobs) another person was obviously required to play the character of Cynthia Lennon for the public’s benefit – given Cynthia Lennon was supposedly still alive (as in she wasn’t shot dead along with John Lennon). However, the original Cynthia Lennon couldn’t play both her original self and Laurene Powell (as it would have been too obvious).

The whole Yoko Ono relationship was most probably a stage play and fiction – just for the cameras/storyline. Plus of course, it served to obscure the reality of Laurene Powell and her true position in the proceedings.

Then there is another character named Lisa Brennan-Jobs: https://www.google.com/search?q=Lisa+Brennan-Jobs – who is presumably the natural child of John Lennon/Steve Jobs and Cynthia Lennon/Laurene Powell. We can see this from what she looks like (as in she looks most like her likely real mother Cynthia Lennon/Laurene Powell).

However, supposedly, Lisa Brennan-Jobs is actually the result of an affair Steve Jobs had with another woman called: Chrisann Brennan: https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/images/chrisann-brennan-3.jpg. However, as above, the daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs looks less like Chrisann Brennan than Cynthia Lennon/Laurene Powell).

Therefore Chrisann Brennan is presumably and most likely just another inserted character/lifetime-actress, so as to explain (away) where Lisa Brennan-Jobs originated from, in terms of a biological mother and father (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrisann_Brennan).


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