‘Death’ of Russell Kelly at Postlip Hall (1983), an astonishing crime against Simona Jasmine

When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.

NOTE: Please first see this ‘Key Points‘ page to get up to speed with the why and how of the crime. The ‘Key Points page‘ is more concise and simpler to get to grips with then this page – given the complexity and involved nature of the crime. After you’ve read the other page, this page will be far easier to follow and understand.

What I relate below might sound incredulous. However I’m as certain as can be of the events described below – along with the ABR/lifetime actor character my ‘deceased’ brother plays.

It’s an amazing and shocking story – and if, as considered, true – a crime of incredible proportion has taken place, albeit carried out ‘in secret’ with myself as the isolated and unknowing victim. It’s truly the stuff of blockbuster detective books and films. Click here to view a comparative image of the lifetime actor/ABR character I consider is played by my brother (click here for the same image but with the addition of two AI ‘head pose and hairline’ adjusted images, to aid identification). Corroborating evidence is ‘sprinkled’ across several pages on this site.

My younger brother Russell Kelly (aged 15) reportedly died in an accident at Postlip Hall (image below right), the night of the 23 October 1983. Was this accident a magic trick pulled off with 80s clone technology (see this post about clones and ABR if you think clones aren’t a reality)? Or more viably, was a plastic dummy used – which under immense stress, I mistook for a dying body? I consider this last option the most likely way the magic trick was pulled off.

For reference, I was 17 at the time of ‘the accident’.

On an ‘outer level’ I suspect the accident was a training drill for (future) managers of staged hoax/scripted ‘terrorist attacks’ featuring cars driving into pedestrians. If so then I was ‘the innocent’ used in the drill so as to produce genuine emotions (in at least one individual). [Please see here for an example of a girl caught up in a staged drill and used as an innocent.]

Maybe the accident was a drill gone went wrong and the death and injury which took place unintended. Maybe it’s aim was to take me out? Or was it simply just an accident inadvertently caused by careless but otherwise well-meaning teenagers?

Of the above possibilities, because it fits the evidence best, I will attempt to demonstrate the accident was a (dark) ‘magic trick’ pulled of using a plastic dummy carried out in the service of money and power. The event’s other purpose was likely a training drill for all those present – except me.

Postlip Hall, Winchcombe, Glos
Postlip Hall, Winchcombe

[Note: as mentioned, rather than clones being utilized, because of being far simpler it was almost certainly a plastic dummy which was utilized to fool me! However clones are still a reality imo – see this page here for a brief discussion (with examples!)]

One of the most significant FACTS about the event is that I was the only individual among 150+ attendees, who was drugged into a state of unconsciousness (supposedly with barbiturates) at a very large end-of-term party. However, given how comatose I became (and how quickly I was knocked out), it’s possible the substance was far more powerful and fast acting than barbiturates (and importantly, also reversible, with an ‘antidote).

Upwards of 150 individuals were invited and attended the party (mostly from the same boys Grammar School). The location of the party, Postlip Hall, is out of the way and isolated. I’d always picked up bad vibes from the place, even before the event. It’s location (literally) makes it feel ‘damp’ and shaded/dark. At the time I believe it was home to a commune.

Barbiturates are the very opposite of a party drug (because of the deep sleep they produce). I’d never taken any party type pills before (only had a few joints previously) and the person who offered/gave me the barbiturates was not in the habit of providing drugs to others (so why would they offer/give to me and not take themselves?). The backstory they later provided as to the source of the drugs seemed dubious. Given they nor anyone else was put into a ‘coma’ that night – it’s reasonable to ask whether I was a preidentified target. Particularly given how the rest of the night unfolded.

After the first 15 minutes of the party – I must have been completely out – comatose. I’ve never had any memory of taking the pill or feeling sleepy before passing out – and/or where I was laying/placed when unconscious. The effect must have been almost instant. My last memory is of speaking with the guy who I think handed me the pills, though I can’t recall actually taking them from him and swallowing – only him (completely out of the blue) asking if I wanted ‘a pill’. I can’t even be certain I said yes to him.

My first momentary semi-coming too, must have been around 4-5 hours later, as the party was ‘finishing’. I was being carted/supported/lifted across some ground and placed into the front seat of a car – by three or four others. After I was placed in the front seat, through the ‘blur’ of semi-consciousness I heard a discussion between the group, as to whether my seat belt should be put on – or not. It was decided it should be.

The girl who asked this question and subsequently decided to put it on became a girlfriend for a while, in my middle twenties. It’s probably due to her action that I survived.

Given the circumstances of the party (and people almost certainly having drunk alcohol) I would never have agreed to get into the car if it was going to be driven.

Cheltenham is an intel/security town and my family seems to have been linked to intel in a significant way. Later, when I was 18, a close relative obtained me a prestigious job/training at the super-secret GCHQ via a private meeting at a top officers home – rather than via normal application channels (see here for details). And despite me not having passed any of my A-levels.

Sensing something ‘uncomfortable’ about the night of October 23rd, I’d organized with a couple of others to sleep in the car we were driving to the party in. So there would be no need to drive home (though was not so far to walk anyway). This was something I’d never organized before – rather it was very much a one-off thing based upon some sense of foreboding.

After I’d been placed in the front passenger seat of the car, the driver must have made a decision to drive somewhere, though given I was still only semi-conscious I wasn’t part of any discussion/agreement. I do recall semi-consciously reaching forward to push a tape into the car stereo (the tape was obviously already half out in an ejected state).

Postlip Hall was situated at the end of an approx mile long narrow gravel track. The track was lined with large trees either side in a classic manner. At the end of the track was a main road (forming a T-shape with the track – the main road being the top horizontal of the ‘T’).

The first ‘more awake’ moment happened when the driver for some reason, bumped into the rear of a friend who was sitting on their stationary motorcycle. I think this incident happened slightly off the gravel track, right as the car had got underway and still moving at a snails pace. Though I can’t fully recall, I think/suspect the bump was more of a ‘play-touch’/tease – and it might have been part of the script. However, the event made me momentarily ‘come-too’ – though my mind remained a ‘blur’. In the surprise of recognizing (in the car’s headlights) which friend was on the motorcycle. I said ‘lets get out of here’ in the way guys in a group would say.

Whether my words were influential and/or whether I was ‘falling’ further into the script – the driver of the car sped off down the track at a furious speed (reaching approx 100 km/h). An incredible speed given the narrowness of the track and it being lined either side with large mature trees (to think that I might not have had my seat belt on). Because of being drugged I passed fully out again – and lost all track of time and space. I didn’t ‘see’ or experience any of the journey down the track. A friend was (apparently) in the back seat, though I never sensed or heard them at any time – and they seemingly didn’t intervene as the car was speeding down the track.

At a certain point, deep in the semi-conscious blackness of my mind, I sensed very rough, bumpy movement and being jolted violently around. My eyes remained closed the whole time and I remained unconscious. Essentially I was still ‘out for the count’.

Maybe it was 5 or 10 minutes later – or 20 or longer – I have no sense of the time which passed between experiencing the car jolting around and my coming too. But now it was like I’d been given an antidote to the barbiturates (or whatever the drug was). Suddenly I came too with a high degree of focused attention. I soon ‘computed’ the situation. It was pitch black aside from the light from the still-on car headlights. By now it was around 1-2 AM I believe. The engine had stopped. There wasn’t anyone else in the car with me, though no one was moving around outside either. It was ‘dead silent’ apart from the unmistakable ‘buzzing’ of an overhead high-voltage electricity line/pylon (the sound they make in cold damp autumn air).

Then in the light of the headlights I saw a number of bodies neatly laid out in front of the car – in a fan shape (maybe 10 plus meters in front). One of the bodies was wearing a sweater (which ironically) my brother & I had argued over the day before, in terms of who was going to wear it to the party.

Having ‘come to’ with such focus (as above, as if some antidote had been administered) I immediately realized the body in question was my brother. I sprang to, got out of the car, rushed over and attempted resuscitation via mouth-to-mouth and heart pumps. However a return to ‘life’ was obviously not to be. The later report stated his brain had been turned to ‘mush’ from the acceleration of (apparently) being picked up and ‘carried’ such a long distance by the car.

However, I still can’t fathom the ‘dynamics’ of how five bodies could have been picked up by the front of the car and carried maybe 30-35 meters in total – and then ‘deposited’ in a neat fan shape. The car had exited the Postlip Hall gravel lane, crossed the main road, ‘jumped’ off a mini-ridge (which was approx 3-4 meters high), and then ‘flown’ approx 20-25 meters into a field. So five teenagers would have needed to be carried 30-35 meters in the air along with the car – and then to have continued on their own another 10 or so meters after the car hit ground. The car hit the ground so hard (and from such a height) that the engine dropped out.

Presumably if it hadn’t been decided to put my seat belt on at the last minute – I would have been propelled through the windscreen at high speed. I can’t follow how the person supposedly in the back seat (not wearing a seat-belt) survived without a scratch. Though as above, I never heard and/or saw their presence in the rear seat at any time.

It’s almost as if the driver knew his part in a script was to take the car of the ridge and into the air at the highest speed possible – and the race down the track was for the purpose of this. No one ever drove down the track at more than 5-10 mph – it was just too hazardous.

As I was attending to my brother I could hear various (pain related) moans and groans in the background, but they were coming from a quite a way away and I was essentially in a ‘bubble’ with my brother. I felt his breathing and heart cease – despite my best efforts.

At some point (early on) I’d instructed another person to call for an ambulance. But they came back to me asking ‘what’s the number?’ How come they couldn’t ask at the Postlip entrance lodge where they’d needed to go (and presumably let in) to make the landline call anyway (no mobiles at this time)? How is it possible they didn’t know the UK emergency number is 999? Presumably it was a response of genuine shock.

[Just that part of the script might have been to delay an ‘ambulance’ arriving – or to insure a real/true ambulance was never called (e.g. if a ‘dummy ambulance’ was always going to arrive)? Because of this (late-breaking) extra possible storyline dimension – this event is a possible crossroads. But to reemphasize, because of its deeper storyline possibilities – not because in any way of the person/s it involved.

Eventually a so-called ambulance did arrive and the medic shone a light into my brothers eyes and provided the impression I was wasting my time as they moved on to others.

As mentioned here, I never felt endeared or any particular love for my brother. But this accident was a massive shock psychologically and spiritually (not emotionally tbh). The odds of such a thing happening just didn’t add up (given I was a passenger in the car and he on the outside). So many different ‘moments’ had needed to happen in perfect sequence to arrive at the end point.

Another teenager was (seemingly, though hopefully not) left a total paraplegic (though I wonder if there was a purpose in such). This person was reportedly in a comma for several months after the accident – so it was able to be ascertained they would be a living vegetable. Thus there was no (humane) reason to facilitate their survival. Even years after, they weren’t able to speak.

Being taken home to explain the news to my family wasn’t an enviable task. Though I don’t recall being phased about it – though I must have passed out on the way back home as don’t have any memories of the trip back with the Police. First memory is standing outside house front door under orangey incandescent-bulb light, in the early morning hours.

I don’t recall my family being phased when they heard the news – though there’s a shock factor too ofc.

After a statement was taken from me in the wee hours of the 24th I was then (purposely) drugged again (for absolutely no reason whatsoever) by a person who’d previously been trained as a medical professional. I got to read my statement a few years ago and it isn’t accurate as it omits almost all the core/pivotal details detailed above – particularly how I’d been drugged and placed in the car by others.

The day after the accident, just after I’d awoken from the haze of being twice drugged – a person who was not-a-great-friend suddenly appeared outside my bedroom window in a manner which had never quite happened before. Imo, they were employed and placed in position so as to ascertain my state of mind in terms of what I believed had happened the night before.

I leaned out of my first floor bedroom window and stated that ‘my brother had been killed last night’. At this the person just disappeared. They didn’t, as would be expected, come in the house to find out more details and/or check I was okay.

Hence (presumably) the event managers were able to ascertain that I’d bought the stage play hook, line and sinker.

Looking back, very irregularly, the day after (nor on any future day), my family didn’t go and identify the body. An identification by my family just never took place. This seems a major missing element in the story/script.

In the immediate aftermath of the accident (and/or the months and years after), I never witnessed any genuine grief and/or shock on the part of any relations (except maybe my grandparents on my mothers side). I don’t feel this set of grandparents were in on anything. From later events in my life, I know the effects of deep grief: absolute devastation, seeking solitude in bed, profound weeping on an ongoing basis, the loss of any meaning, the loss of a will to live, etc. And in my instance, such intense grief lasted for 3 or 4 months.

In contrast my family thrived afterwards – all the more so because of the attention the event brought. It was like nothing had happened – which was so strange given my brother had been their loved and adored child, and me the loathed ‘black sheep’.

I’m sure the funeral for my brother was a natural expression and outpouring of shock and loss – and overcoming such. But could it have been contrived in some way? Maybe some elements seemed ‘ready-to-go’. Like one friend of my brother (apparently) penned what is an extremely skillfully written poem – and by chance this poem found it’s way into the right hands, ready to be read at the event. The poem was subsequently printed and framed and hung on the wall. I read the poem a few years ago and my impression was that it was unlikely to have been written by a teenager. It’s text was extremely worked and polished – which inevitably takes weeks, if not months of repeated working.

To note, it’s not that I would have naturally even wanted shone light upon such factors – rather only in retrospect

Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the Wind was played live – which seemed too fitting a song for such an occasion. It had (seemingly) been my brothers favorite track. Ironically, it was the song playing in the car after, as above, I pushed the tape into the car stereo.

One relative started using the term, ‘the cars a modern bullet’ – which seemed out of place at the time. It didn’t really come to have any meaning until approx 2015, when the technique was used in several (documentably hoax/scripted) terrorist attacks (by ABR characters and crisis actors). Hence my question above as to whether the ‘accident’ was a drill, preparing appointed people/controllers, years in advance.

If my brother’s brain had been turned to mush (i.e. cerebral hemorrhage) because of the massive acceleration he was subject to after being ‘picked up’ by the car, then why weren’t the other four teenagers affected the same way given all teenagers were supposedly carried the same exact distance by the same car?

In the 39 years since the event, when I’ve raised questions about it and hoped to explore various possibilities with those who might have insight and/or useful comment to make, I’ve been shutdown immediately and ‘punished’, attitude wise. Such shutting down has felt ‘irrational’ and unnecessary – and more like it might have an agenda behind it.

Of course it could be suggested that I’ve not been willing nor able to accept the event (as per the record states it happened) because of it being too traumatic and/or too guilt inducing for me to do so. Yet on occasion I have experienced, most viscerally, guilt and profound sadness over the suffering my carelessness caused to others, especially my parents. Albeit, as above, I was drugged and placed in the car as a passenger by others (i.e. if need be, this would absolve my responsibility).

Given the family’s paternal Jewish bloodline, I’ve wondered whether the rules of primogeniture were meant to apply (and are written into certain significant property deeds). Though I am a trans female (transsexual female withy a GRC) I was nevertheless considered an eldest son. This might have been a problem – given I was such a ‘black sheep’ of the family.

Russell Kelly
Russell Kelly (from the only family portrait image).
Note the family representative’s hand resting on his shoulder.

A question which has long existed in my mind is – was the event at Postlip Hall a means for my brother to be ‘relocated’ so as to facilitate bypassing me as the legal heir? As described in this post here, from the age of approx 8-9 years, I was regularly (inexplicably) threatened with being removed from family wills. Thus indicating inheritance was a concern for my relations from my youngest years. I would bet my brother never received such threats and intimidation.

See the image to the right, of my younger brother fairly shortly before his ‘death’. This image is cropped from the only professional family portrait ever taken. The photoshoot was a big deal and considerable effort and expense was put into it. Note the family representative’s hand resting on my brother’s shoulder. Whereas I was placed way down below, sitting and the lowest person in the image. You can see the top of my head/hair, bottom left.

In the elite family world, these sort of symbolic details are extremely important. I believe the image is a coded public announcement/signification that my brother was the appointed heir of the family. Whereas for all the status my position in the photo conveys – I could have been the family servant, even though at the time of the photo I was the legal male heir according rules of primogeniture.

This is the stunningly beautiful house I grew up in (click the image to show full size). Only approx half of the main house can be seen (it extends to the left). Just visible through the bushes on the left is the roof of a 10th/11th century Norman Church. The image is taken from the steps of a two-story thatched ‘summerhouse’. The summerhouse is where my relation and I were housed for several weeks (and fell in love) as mentioned here.

The family portrait image (referenced above) was taken just behind the umbrella and chairs visible in the image.

IMPORTANT: A fairly short time before my brothers ‘death’ the whole family met up with another family at a London restaurant. This was noteworthy because I can’t recall ever meeting up with any other family in quite the same way. I was quite sullen and withdrawn as a child (broody!) and as I sat at the table looking and watching everyone, I experienced an unusual insight.

The other family (long-time friends of our family) had a teenage daughter, close to my age. She was very attractive and endearing and I might have made the effort to speak with her. Yet the insight and associated feelings I experienced/sensed informed me that this family meeting was to bring my brother and this girl together as a future husband and wife. The equivalent of an arranged marriage so to speak. Therefore out of respect together with sensing this girl was ‘nothing of mine’, I gave them a wide berth and watched and ate at ‘a distance’.

But if my brother is recorded dead from the event at Postlip Hall, how could he have been relocated so as to bypass me as the family heir?

Since day one on this earth, I’ve lived in a world of whispers and subterfuge. Some would say I’ve a vivid (conspiratorial) imagination. However, you would have to familiarize yourself with some of my works listed here to ascertain how realistic and/or insightful I can be (or whether I’m purely fanciful and irrelevant in nature).

Put simply, I’d wager my family had the power and insider connections to pull the Postlip Hall accident off as a magic trick via the following steps:

  • Either ‘the dying body’ of my brother was a lifelike plastic dummy (which maybe also simulated dying breaths and heartbeat, presuming I didn’t imagine those) and the teenager’s paraplegic injury/state a later act. Or (less likely) my brother and the teenager left a paraplegic, were substituted with clones of themselves (who were in turn cruelly sacrificed). The former is by far the most likely method used to pull off the magic trick/crime.
  • I was drugged into a state of unconsciousness at the beginning of the party (within the first 15 minutes) – so no time would be wasted. The drug might even have been in my drink given I don’t actually recall taking any pills.
  • While I was laying unconscious, the plan was gone over and the various players got into role and position.
  • I was carried and placed into the car essentially unconscious, but with brief moments of semi-consciousness breaking through.
  • It was just luck the girl put my seat belt on (thank you dear).
  • After the contrived bumping into the friend on the motorcycle, the driver sped down the gravel track as fast as he dared. Maybe it had been practiced.
  • As explained above, I only ‘felt’/sensed the car fly off the ridge and land in the field deep in my (unconscious) psyche. Due to the drugging I was unable to open my eyes and consciously take in events either while the car was speeding down the track and/or while it was flying through the air or hit the ground.
  • After the car had come to a stop, the crash scene was setup by the event controllers/managers (i.e. the bodies/dummies and actors were moved into place). This could explain why there was no one in the car when I came to.
  • When everything was ready, an ‘antidote’ was administered – waking me with a jolt.
  • However, as above, the five bodies laid out in front of the car weren’t in the place they’d be, if the laws of physics had been operating. And they were too symmetrically laid out imo.
  • Despicably, if his dying body wasn’t a plastic dummy then the clone of my brother would have been murdered on the spot. At the time, I never saw the body of the individual left a paraplegic nor any of the other three teenagers injured.
  • The only other option conceivable is that my brother was given some drug which temporarily stops the heart and breathing but which doesn’t kill a person. The sort of substance witches might have access to in a movie. Naturally this seems way less likely and possible than a plastic dummy (or even clones). It is almost certain imo that a plastic dummy was utilized given it would have been the most viable option for the conspirators to employ.
  • At the time, as above, I never saw any of the other three teenagers hit by the car, who were reportedly left with various broken bones. It was only months later (after they were all healed) that I learned these others had suffered injuries. It’s stated by one of the three that I visited them in hospital, though I don’t recall this (and their subsequent actions and statements are suspicious imo). However, if a scripted event it might be that these other individuals never actually suffered real injuries – and rather just playacted.
  • The moans and groans of pain I heard could have been simulated/acted (if a scripted/staged event).
  • I was taken home by ‘the police’. A statement was taken from me (and likely edited so as to remove the single most important element – my drugging and being placed in the car). The statement I saw a few years back was typed, whereas on the night it was taken by hand.
  • The dressed embalmed body of my brother I saw before his burial was either a dummy (or the clones).
  • The family overlooked ‘inserting’ identification of the body the days after (into the overall ‘storyboard’). If they had gone early the morning after, while I was still asleep, it would have meant I’d been left on my own in the house drugged a second time after such a traumatic night (which seems very unlikely). Years later when I asked them about it, they stumbled over it – obviously trying to think up an answer/reason ‘on their feet’.
  • I believe that after the accident my brother attended the prestigious private UK boarding school Ardingly College for A-level study. Later he was relocated to the USA – to Houston (where my uncle lives). Please see this Google map image showing how the (approx 1990) registered addresses of both my Uncle Martin and Dominic Lewinsohn were only 38 minutes apart by car.
  • My brother was then able to fulfill the role of family heir (something he wouldn’t have been able to do if he’d remained in place). My guess is his main function was to funnel money into the (secret/hidden) generational family wealth/trust fund – via (I suspect) the company Prospect 33, given as suggested, ‘the family’ knew in advance, the scheduled date for the collapse of the dollar/western civilization (and the huge stock market run-up scheduled to occur in the years before).

[This bit’s speculative?] Imo, many of my relations have long known the year/date of the fall of the USA, collapse of the world economy/financial system and forming of the open world government. It doesn’t appear far off now. Knowing such dates could be a recipe for making astonishing amounts of money (in the right hands of course).

As regards to the purpose of the clone being ‘turned’ into a paraplegic (or more likely it being acted by the original teenager). Though I believe it’s been abandoned, my sense is that the original plan was to claim a new scientific treatment had cured them. If a clone was used then they could have been replaced by the original healthy teenager – and if acted in the first place then would just need a change of script/role.

However, note that as per this image, my father is an acquaintance of John Nash (who presently plays Fauci) – however, in the past as 100% evidenced in the post here, in the past Nash played the very disabled Stephen Hawkins. Implying that my father might have got the ‘paraplegic idea’ from Nash?

This is how the elites function. They would claim (despite utilizing a hoax) they’re nevertheless benefiting humanity, by creating/’entering’ such a medical/scientific healing into the collective unconsciousness. In the same way such elites might claim that faking landing astronauts on the moon expanded human consciousness (and made it better).

[Note, if the whole event was staged and scripted, and my brothers body was just a dummy which my imagination imparted a last few breaths of life to – the problem of the teenager left a paraplegic still remains. More than anything else about the accident – it’s the tragic fate of this teenager which has gnawed at my conscience and produced feelings of sadness and regret. Post-accident I met the teenager a few times and they seemed to be in a terrible state – with contorted limbs and face – and unable to speak.

However, as above, if my brother wasn’t killed – then there’s a high probability the teenager seemingly left a paraplegic could be fine too. It would be great news.

We absolutely want everyone to be okay. Everyone is to be completely secure and safe in person. We have to ascertain what the lawful/legal/contractual/hereditary situation is – particularly given my trans female (transsexual female) status.

My family has sought to keep my transsexual female a secret. I consider this likely due because of elite level rules/laws/principles prohibiting such actions as have (likely) been carried out against me (in terms of how transsexual females must be treated/respected). If it had been any other family’s child who was a trans female (transsexual female), it would have been a wonderful and exciting matter – and the ‘talk of the town’. There’s no issue of embarrassment or shame involved. Such classes love nothing more than something new and exciting to chat about.

Recently a member of the family offered to contractually agree in part that I won’t attend their funeral. I presume again so that it will help prevent others finding out about my transsexual status and the ‘blowback’ this might cause – given the criminality which has been perpetuated against me.

Presuming my speculations above are on-point, if such devastation and tragedy had been caused so as to remove me as the family heir – some are going to look pretty foolish when others come to realize it was all for nothing – given how I am legally a female since birth because of having a GRC (and a reissued birth certificate). Primogeniture is still primarily male focused despite the change in law. Though of course, damages and compensation for such criminality and intent to defraud and injure are still due.

I believe my ‘dead’ brother to be living as the person linked below.

Here’s the link to the main image (opens in new tab/window). Some additional discussion about it can be found on this page as well as links to a ‘clean’ version of the image (no overlaid grid and lines). Also on the extra discussion page are various image backup links.

By coincidence the lifetime ABR character I believe played by my brother (plus another person in the family) both reported having developed cancer only a few months after I authored/published the groundbreaking book (in 2003) on non-toxic cancer therapies listed here.

At the time (nearly twenty years ago), given the timing, such claims seemed contrived and intuitively I felt at least one of them was ‘unexpected’. However, I can’t definitively tell from the limited images whether what is present on the nose/face of the ABR character (I believe played by my brother) are cancer surgery scars – or a latex mask being worn for disguise. Most likely, they are scars left over from surgery. Whatever I so hope they are okay.

Maybe coincidence itself, but it’s the case that one aspect of elite philosophy and practice is about creating/hoaxing coincidence and synchronicity’ – and then trying to pass it off as ‘God given’ (rather than of their human hand). This strategy’s such a favorite because it’s typically so hypnotizing/trance inducing for the victim. In this instance the aim would be a supposed natural synchronicity between my publishing the book on non-toxic cancer treatments and two persons I knew of, reporting they had cancer.

Russell Kelly

As you can see from the images to the left and below (used in the main marked up comparison image), my brother had a very ‘ski-slope’ bridge and upturned snub nose – which is extremely identifiable because of being so unique. Though highly aesthetic from some angles, it made the openings to his nostrils quite visible in front profile, when he was holding his head straight and level (i.e. like a gorilla’s nostril openings). Therefore, to integrate back into everyday society as an ABR lifetime actor, he would need some means of disguising such a unique and unmistakable nasal feature (as well as the nasal bridge’s ski-slope lines).

His facial features were very compressed for a male. The horizontal and vertical lines on the marked up image show how close the match is between my brother and the person I believe to be him. Eyes were close-set.

Most cis male’s faces are long and thin compared to my brothers.

My brothers smile was distinctive – a tight top lip which rose above the teeth when only smiling a little – and an identifiable mouth shape when doing his camera smile even just a bit. Also, his forehead immediately above his eyebrows (towards the center) had a flat aspect to it (so this would need disguising too). His chin was quite rounded and feminine and with a small jut out at the bottom. And his jaw had quite a V-line aspect to it.

Quite fleshy earlobes too, it terms of the ear lobes projecting outward more than is common (rather than down). My brothers right eye tracking appears to have been slightly off center (towards the outside edge of head) relative to his left eye.

Click image for larger version
Outermost images are AI ‘head pose’ adjusted inc. simulated hairline to better match images of Russell Kelly aged 14/15

Larger files/images of the above two pics can be found here and here respectively (both will open in new tab/window)

Comparing features between the two individuals shown. All the above listed factors match, plus same shaped quite deep set eyes, with identical looking fat deposits immediately under them. Nasolabial lines are identical.

On the right side of the marked up image is a list of 18 matching facial factors/features.

My brother was taller than me and nearing six foot at 15. This is a match too for the suspected ABR character now played by him.

In short – in my analysis, ‘putting it on the line’ – the person/s in the image above are both my brother. Bear in mind there is approx 40 years between the two images which makes the similarity even more noteworthy. The family genes are good ones when it comes to staying looking young.

Added to other ‘inconsistencies’ described across this site, the family meeting at the restaurant described above always stuck in my mind. And my being drugged was just too suspicious. My being replaced as the family heir was always likely given all the threats over wills beginning when only a child. Being punched in the head by my brother only a week or two before his death (for no reason whatsoever) raises the likelihood he knew a relocation was immanent – and was profoundly pissed/upset about it. He and my mother were like an item. [I was left with concussion by the punch to the head, it was so hard.]

Given what is visible in the comparison image and it being close to a 100% match, and then taken with all the other factors I’ve mentioned, the only four logical possibilities I can conceive to explain things are:

  • It’s a chance look alike.
  • After I’d been drugged and the drill in motion – a genuine accident occurred killing my brother and massively injuring the other teenager. Subsequently, a clone was made from my brother’s cells.
  • My brother had a near identical twin though if so there’d have been no need for such an complex intricate event.
  • The body I thought was my dying brother was a lifelike dummy – and that in the stress of the situation I just imagined his breathing and heart stopping (or the dummy was able to simulate such). When younger I completed a lot of first aid training involving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation practice on dummies. They can be quite realistic. This last option of the dummy is the method I believe most likely to have been employed to pull off the magic trick. Maybe this option also accounts for why the teenager I instructed to go and call an ambulance came back asking ‘what’s the number’, i.e. real medics couldn’t be summoned because they’d realize my ‘dead brother’ was a plastic dummy – or presumably was just a result of genuine shock.

As suggested, and speaking with good-faith and good-will, in my best analysis having considered the matter for decades, the event was a means to relocate my brother and bypass/sideline me as heir to the off-book family wealth – plus for ‘added value’ served as a training drill for others.

As mentioned above, given the facial scars, It could be the person I suspect is ‘my brother’ has suffered from nasal basel skin cell cancer – or not. There’s no way I can ascertain from a couple of images whether they are genuine scars or a very skillfully made/applied mask. Tbh, they probably are genuine scars – though who knows which surgeon would create such scaring. And why wouldn’t things be subsequently tidied up with revision surgeries?

However, if indeed the scars are a mask to create an illusion and the person is living mostly out of society anyway (say on a ranch), then it would only need photos from ten to twenty or so different occasions ‘sprinkled around’ to convincingly pull it off (i.e. a person would only need making up say 10-20 times when attending public events, rather than wearing the mask 24/7 for years on end).

The ‘medical/injury realism’ which can be created with makeup and latex, even by amateurs is remarkable – see here for examples.

See this page for an example of a similar Mohls surgery with skin graft. It’s notable that the surgeon achieved a very different outcome aesthetically (basically completely scar free and almost as if the person had never suffered the illness).

Given the company and top position held at the financial firm Prospect 33, it doesn’t make sense the person would receive surgery with such an aesthetic outcome and/or the aesthetics would not have been improved with revision surgery and laser treatment.

But what about this. Remember (above) the girl at the restaurant – at the family meeting? Guess who’s married to her!!!

Yep, you got it – the person in the ID comparison image who looks identical to my brother!

My final post on this site is this one. I hope you will read: A summary – what more to say?

Also, there’s this page which covers more about myself and which contains related info about the above.