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Simona Jasmine

My name is Simona Jasmine and for ref, I’m a trans female (transsexual female). My birth certificate states I was a girl at birth, though I have been known by different names throughout my life including Simon Kelly and Simona Summers.

The wider extended family comprises surnames of Kelly, Bradley Branson, Bracey and Weston.

References to some previous works and creations of mine which were published/released under former names can be found at the following links:

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I’m vegetarian (though eat approx 99% vegan and just the occasional vege pizza).

Since my thirties, one of my main interests has been sharing useful insights (communicated in a way easily comprehendible by everyday folk). I consider insights into actor based reality (ABR) some of the most important info I’ve shared (both here and on other sites). The impact of ABR in our current times is malign and widespread.

Once you realize the sheer scale and wicked ‘monstrosity’ which is actor based reality – you will most surely be shocked to your core. Even after twelve years, I can still feel surprised and shocked how deep ‘the rabbit hole’ goes. It’s certain you’ll discover many ‘figures’ who’ve profoundly influenced you (maybe for both good and ill) are ABR characters. Yet, despite ABR’s power and influence, all that’s required to neutralize it is for the actor based reality system to be ‘seen’ and understood by a larger number of people.

Ed Chiarini explains that a huge benefit of comprehending ABR is the associated insight that human society left to its own devices, functions way better than when malevolently manipulated by ABR. For example in general, without being ‘setup’ and manipulated by ABR characters (e.g. probably almost all politicians and leading figures), societies most likely wouldn’t go to war with each other. Rather for societies to war with each other – the populations on both sides first have to be ‘setup’ by scripted ABR characters (just as is now taking place between the West and Russia). Less than six months ago relations between Russia and the West were cordial. Until of course, the ‘leaders’ on both sides (in choreographed fashion) suddenly announced otherwise and set chaos and disaster in motion.

Simona-Jasmine approx 8 years

Maybe because of my rather innocent and gentle/sensitive nature, I became the ‘black sheep’ of my immediate and extended family at a young age and experienced many of those around treating me (in essence) as a ‘targeted individual’ (TI). I now believe this was to maintain a ‘wall’ between me and the multi-generational (at least down to my grandparents) family actor based reality (ABR) business and activities.

As explained to me by my family, the paternal side of the family is of a Jewish bloodline. My grandmother on the maternal side was of the Bentley bloodline. Since my twenties I’ve lapped up the psychoanalytic, archetypal, humanistic psychology of Erich Fromm, James Hillman and Carl Rogers respectively. The concepts I learnt really benefited my thinking, life and sense of self. Beginning in my twenties I assiduously practiced a westernized/Japanese form of Buddhism for 12 years, which also hugely influenced my character and insight into existence. At the present time, (and building on the above learning), my primary allegiance is to Reason/reasoning and emotional IQ – though I also experience and value highly, the insights Mooji (and a couple other ‘guru types’) explain about ‘personhood’ (i.e. its relatively insubstantial/ever-changing nature). However in general I’m skeptical about the nondualistic perspective (i.e. that the personal individual self is an illusion and of no real consequence), in particular because those who adhere to it seem not to care and/or be willing to stand up for the rights which have been so hard won in the West.

To my mind, the truth of this existence for humans comes down to courage/fight, compassion/love and being able to Reason (which also leads to acknowledgement of Source).

The injury to my psyche caused as a result of being subject to deceit and gaslighting over decades has taken a lifetime to work out/work through. Maybe my experience has been more intense because of being born into a family where (at least) grandparents were involved in ABR. However almost all westerners have been subjected to the same dynamic in kind to a very significant degree. Therefore explanations and insights into ABR have wide applicability and value.

ABR is ‘everywhere’ – for example, every time you watch the news and/or learn about certain historical events – without realizing it, you’re watching (and probably unconsciously believing in) scripted ABR characters and ‘reality’. Hence the term of actor based reality, i.e. a significant part of reality a person takes as real is actually ‘synthetic’, contrived and weaponized against them. ‘Weaponized’ because of being created and formed by scripted, paid actors pretending to be genuine, real and spontaneous individuals (whether acting as heroes, terrorists or criminals, etc). The ultimate purpose of ABR is to manipulate people to ‘turn’ against their own best interests (and instead, act in the best interests of the controllers and elites). ABR is so challenging to initially see and grasp because it reaches right into notions of what is real, true and sane (or not). The lies and deceit ABR is based on are so massive and incomprehensible to a typical sincere, good-willed everyday type individual striving to do their best in life – that even the notion of such an incredible and astonishing betrayal existing is beyond consideration. Never mind investigation and discussion about it.

Me on left & brother Russell Kelly on right. I was very
sweet still at age 15/16 – and still am I hope 😀

Though in many respects my family tried, they couldn’t help but deeply dislike (even despise) something about me – and found me nothing but trouble from the outset.

In contrast, they loved and adored my brother who was (reported as) killed in an accident we were in together, when he was 15 years of age and I, 17. My brother was presumably inducted into the family ABR business at an early age (given how I evidence he now plays a lifetime ABR character). The accident which occurred is still surround by mystery and questions (this accident is covered in a separate post here).

However, given I was a front-seat passenger in the car which killed my brother (who was a pedestrian external to the car) – the relationship with my family became even more complex. Thing is, I’d never felt endeared towards my brother. To me he had a darker spirit. Just two weeks before his death, he punched me in the head for no reason – which left me in a state of concussion for the rest of the day. Of course the family thought this hilarious. Mean spirited that it sounds – it was better after he was gone.

When I was aged approx 44 years old, while watching a BBC program called Newsnight I saw a person who looked almost identical to a very close relative being interviewed. The person being interviewed was apparently a world expert in a particular subject – though in real life I’d never heard about this and understood their real-life work to be in another field altogether.

I sent the relative a picture mentioning the similarity – and they sent back a comment along the lines of the following:

Thanks for this. I see what you mean and I hope it has not given you any nightmares!”

Obviously, trusting in my sense of correctly recognizing the relative (under their ‘stage disguise’) was a huge shock! Logically, the only other possibilities were, a third party who looked identical to my relative; a twin (of the relative) I’d never heard about, or possibly a clone.

Slowly, and for the first time things started to click into place. To relate just a couple of things: as a young child one of my grandparents (who I never particularly liked and/or felt comfortable around) often asked me rhetorical type questions when I was alone with them, such as ‘would you like to be Prime Minister?’ Such questions never made any sense as they lacked context and were often asked with a sinister undertone. It was clear to me, even as a child, that the question wasn’t being asked for the purpose of genuine exploration/discussion as to how I might or might not welcome being the Prime Minister of the UK.

This same grandparent often used to threaten me with being excluded from their will – which was odd – as though the black sheep of the family, I’ve always been emotionally sensitive and gentle in nature (unless unjustly injured). To my knowledge I’d never done anything so wrong or ‘bad’ to justify such threats being made, particularly at such a young age. At the age of approx 8-9 years I didn’t even fully appreciate what a will is and/or it’s meaning – though such threats have continued through my adult life and have been made by different relatives.

Sometimes mentioned with pride, is that a family related plaque (or inscribed foundation stone) exists at the world famous Shakespeare theater at Bourton-on-the-Water (Stratford-upon-Avon, England) recording significant funding by ‘the family’ in support of the building of the theater. I’ve never seen it in person (or a photo of it), but given Shakespeare’s well-known speech, ‘All the world’s a stage’ – it fits!

[Actually the full verse appears more to describe all the life-stages a person goes through from infant to old age. However it may well be intended to have a double meaning (a double entendre) as it’s sure most Kings, Queens and political movers and shakers (i.e. Shakespeare’s target audience) were ABR characters too.]

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts”

from As You Like It, spoken by Jaques

At age eleven, when in the highest grade of primary school, for no good reason whatsoever I was selected to play the lead role of ‘Sir Cauline’ in the school play (I was quite shy and reticent by nature as a child and hadn’t shown any prior interest or inclination towards amateur acting). My guess now is that my playing the role of Sir Cauline was an ‘instruction’ given to the school from my family – so as to serve as a last check in ascertaining whether I had any acting potential. Throughout my school years my family held a sort of VIP status with school principles – the reason for which I could never fathom.

Me in skydiving gear aged approx 20.

At age 18, a close relative obtained me an extremely valuable and prestigious four year long job/training at the UK intel center GCHQ. However, rather than the job/training being secured via normal application channels – it happened via a private meeting at a senior GCHQ officer’s home.

During my third year at GCHQ I unexpectedly became a ‘darling’ of ‘Q’ and ‘M’ after I originated the idea/concept (and wrote a computer program in Pascal) for a self-learning word-prediction based text editor (almost identical to that which now exists on almost every mobile phone – originally known as T9). This was in 1986, before windows and anything but the first ‘brick’ sized analogue mobiles. The idea and concept of a self-learning word-prediction text editor would have been considered sci-fi by most at the time.

Around this time skydiving became the love of my life. It was the first time I really ‘found myself’ and felt fully engaged in life. I was crazily fearless and clocked up approx 500 skydives over a few years. It wasn’t the thrill or excitement I fell in love with, but rather the sheer beauty and sublime outrageousness of flying around with great friends, in deep blue sunny skies – above gorgeous white puffy clouds. It was a deep romance. Without even trying, I was living the dream! And incredibly I didn’t kill or seriously injure myself.

When I was approx 20 years of age the family strategically brought a relative and I together – set us off partying 24/7 – and had us sleep in the same bedroom for around 5 weeks. Predictably, we soon fell deeply in love – something supported and encouraged by all other family members. The relationship lasted a significant time and spanned different continents. The family encouraged, organized and covered the costs of us both traveling back and forth between countries, multiple times. Looking back I believe the intention was to ‘keep it in the family’, a practice common to elites but extremely uncommon among the ‘common folk’. I suspect the underlying hope was for a child to be created between the two of us.

However, reality was I was already way too ‘wild’ and free-spirited for a serious committed long-term relationship. My heart was set upon great and epic adventures and so the relationship fizzled (and something deep inside of me knew not to ‘create a child’). And anyway, the relation had begun falling in love with someone else – who unlike myself, was perfect for a happy and fruitful life together.

[When a young child I was subject to what some would term ‘sexual exploitation’ and others as ‘sexual abuse’. However, if I were to characterize, I’d say it was more to do with instilling ‘power dynamics’ in a child’s mind (in a potentially irreversible manner). Again, as far as elite family culture goes – what happened counts as ‘nothing’ – though if I explained what took place, for sure it wouldn’t be something you’d ever remotely consider doing to/with your young children. I’ve served the allegation with a legally sufficient notice, three times, via ‘appropriate/registered channels’. Thus, given that after three times the allegation was not refuted by the person concerned (and/or their legal representative), I believe natural law states the allegation can now be considered as proven/accepted.]

In 1988 I came back down to earth with a ‘bang’. After a very painful relationship breakup with a (different) lover, my interests turned to psychology and philosophy and I began studying sociology at the City of London Polytechnic (which was right next to the Tower of London, on the banks of the River Thames in one of the most spectacular city locations going!). All of the polytechnic’s campus buildings were in the inner City of London proper, i.e. the sovereign independent (Crown) state in the heart of London. Often others would chuckle derisively when they heard I was attending the City of London Poly (it sounded so low class) – yet it had one of the most incredible locations of all learning institutions in the world – along with it being funded by possibly the wealthiest corporation on earth! So unexpectedly, I found myself again ‘living the dream’, this time in the ‘big city’ – and most importantly, I became deeply engaged in learning (psychoanalytic type) psychology and sociology.

Actor based reality (ABR) isn’t the type of acting most people consider when they think of actors and actresses in TV shows or films. Rather actor based reality (or lifetime actors) refers to how most (if not all) of the politicians, royalty, popstars, scientists and other major influential public figures (including often, top so-called criminals, ‘murderers’ and terrorists) are actually played by scripted, hired actors – who are members of a small number of elite families. Naturally, because of the huge influence ABR exerts on the public’s mind, it’s a highly secret world, often connected to the security services.

Ed Chiarini explains that when an individual first grasps the concept of actor based reality (i.e. for real and not just as an intellectual idea), their whole world tends to turn upside down and inside out for a time, because of it being such tremendous shock to their sense of reality.

ABR is so outrageous because barefaced manipulation of the public is taking place on such a massive scale – and yet it’s completely unknown to 99.9% of the earth’s population – at least Western populations. ABR is one of the fundamental control systems of human societies – even the rise and fall of civilizations.

Simona Jasmine March 2020

Such an internal psychological and emotional shock as Chiarini describes, happened to me in 2013 (several years after I first formally learned about ABR from him). I became extremely frightened and felt my life was in danger. I attempted to run away from and ‘out my life’ by purchasing a boat to escape on – given when in my twenties (after poly) I’d lived on a series of boats in a off-grid community for approx 9 years.

The attempt at escape ended in failure (because I only had a few thousand dollars to make it happen), but over the next few years (unexpected) coincidences and circumstances led me to understanding actor based reality at a far deeper level.

As you will come to insight, typically the greatest evidence of an ABR character is locating an image of them with their ‘everyday life’ spouse or partner. At least historically (before the rise of the internet), not so much effort appears to have been put into disguising a spouse or partner compared to the main ABR character themselves (as in ABR spouses/partners often remain in the shadows and out of the limelight). See this post for a great example with Jimi Hendrix and Morgan Freeman – as well as the image below.

Below is a husband and wife image I consider one of the best ABR images ever published – initially by Ed Chiarini (aka dallasgoldbug):

Steve Jobs & wife on left, John Lennon & wife on right. See how the wife in each image look nigh identical.

For an in-depth explanation of exactly what this image shows, please see this post here.

For an explanation of why ABR is utilized by elites and controllers, please see this post here.

For me personally, because of the intrigue and effect on my life, one of the most important posts on this site is this one – I hope you will read it, as well as the post: ‘Death’ of Russell Kelly at Postlip Hall (1983). An astonishing crime against Simona Jasmine.