100% proof, SAME actor (legal name, Maxwell Kelly) plays Mykola Azarov, Malcolm Rifkind & Donald Berwick

This post ties together the following three posts (each of which is on an ABR character):

It will be proved, to a court of law evidential standard, that the three characters are played by the same actor named Max Kelly (full name Maxwell Brian Redmond Kelly).

As mentioned, the method of ear biometric matching used below is acceptable for use in a court of law in the same way fingerprints can be utilized to prove a case. Moreover, the level of biometric match between subjects is close to 100%. The grid (red lines and yellow dots) was first created on Malcolm Rifkind’s ear. The same completed/fixed grid was then copied across to the other three ears. You can clearly see that the yellow dots on each ear all line up extremely closely (allowing for reasonable differences as explained below).

The two left hand most ear images are both of Mykola Azarov. You can therefore see how photos taken of the same person from slightly different angles, with different lenses and varying light conditions, cause slight variations in biometric matching. However the overall matching between all three individuals is certainly convincing. All ears shown are subject’s right side ear.

It is mentioned here how it appears Berwick had his ear lobes slightly reduced in size around approx 2013/14. This explains why a few of the lower outside points are slightly off on Berwick’s ear in the right-hand side image below.

Click the image below for a larger version (shows in popup).

The original images for each ear respectively are as follows (each can be opened in a popup by clicking the relevant hyperlink in the table below).

Mykola Azarov 1Mykola Azarov 2Malcolm RifkindDonald Berwick

Here are the same ears without the biometric grids (click image for larger version). All the ears are such a close/identical match that the biometric grids aren’t even required to confirm.

You can see more images and read more about each of the above characters in the following posts:

  • Mykola Azarov (former Ukrainian Prime Minister and fugitive from justice)
  • Malcolm Rifkind (former total English MP and warmonger)
  • Donald Berwick (associate of mega-criminal Anthony Fauci – also image of Berwick’s ABR wife in post)

My impression of the characters the underlying actor plays (i.e. Mykola Azarov, Malcolm Rifkind & Donald Berwick) is that he and his characters are ‘called in’ when some ‘dirty business’ needs doing – administration wise. Thus Berwick (and associate of archcriminal Fauci, played by Nash, see this post here) is to be found laying the ground in both the US and UK for the c19 conspiracy (one of the greatest crimes of all time). Mykola Azarov held power in the Ukraine just before everything started going south. And Rifkin’s now giving lectures on ‘How to end an empire‘, which seems appropriate given he’s a key ABR player working in the shadows ensuring such comes to pass.